Preliminary talk titles

(continuously updated)


Beims, Marcus Werner: Alignment of Lyapunov vectors to anticipate large peaks in chaotic systems

Berakdar, Jamal: Few buddies reloaded

Bergues, Boris: Table-Top Nonlinear Optics in the 100-eV Region

Chey, Chan Oeurn: Physics Education In Cambodia: Current status and Way forward

Dimitrovski, Darko: High-order harmonic generation from gapped graphene

Engel, Volker: Effective non-adiabatic transitions in molecules: who cares?

Evers, Jörg: Nuclear quantum dynamics with X-Rays

Feagin, Jim: Turning 75 and other autonomous transitions quantum to classical

Gorin, Thomas: Avoided contractivity violation in non-Markovian quantum dynamics

Grossmann, Frank: The Pauli principle in semiclassical electron dynamics

Hatsagortsyan, Karen: Limits of Strong Field Rescattering in the Relativistic Regime

Keitel, Christoph H: Foundations of Extreme Laser-Matter Interaction

Klaiber, Michael: Laser-induced ionization of atoms in the low-frequency regime

Meier, Christoph: Strongly driven exciton dynamics in semiconductor quantum dots: Markov or Non-Markov?

Richter, Klaus: Quantum Time Mirrors

Stock, Gerhard: Vibrational Conical Intersections as a Mechanism of Ultrafast Vibrational Relaxation

Thumm, Uwe: Time-resolved photoemission from surfaces and nanoparticles

Walther, Michael: From few to many and back to single particles