Quantum Dynamics

Wednesday 16:30 – 17:30 / seminar room 1D1, mpipks


date speaker title invited by
30 January 2019Stephan Götzinger
MPL Erlangen
Efficient generation and manipulation of photons with single moleculesA Eisfeld
13 March 2019Moritz Sokolowski
Universität Bonn
Organic molecules observed on surfaces by optical spectroscopy A Eisfeld
08 May 2019

Robert Binder
Universität Frankfurt

Semiconducting Organic Polymers: Potentials and Quantum DynamicsF Grossmann
19 June 2019Sergey Antipov
University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, Czech Republic
On cellularization of the semiclassical Herman-Kluk propagatorF Grossmann
26 June 2019Johannes Deiglmayr
University of Leipzig - Felix-Bloch-Institute
Long-range Rydberg molecules - Understanding and harnessing angular-momentum couplingsA Eisfeld
03 July 2019

Celso Ricardo
MPI Halle


Sticking coefficient for atoms scattering off metallic surfacesA Eisfeld

previous seminars:

Program - 2017

datespeakertitleinvited by
22 February 2017Alejandro Giacomotti
CNRS Paris Sud 
Photon Statistics and non-equilibrium dynamics in photonic crystal coupled nanolasersA Eisfeld
21 JuneStefanie Gräfe
Universität Jena
Time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of IR-driven electron dynamics in a charge transfer model systemF Grossmann
19 JulyVladimir Osipov
Lund University
Phase modulation spectroscopy with high repetition rate pulses and accumulation effectsA Eisfeld
09 AugustYi-Jen Cheng
DESY Hamburg
Light-induced ultrafast tunneling dynamics of a many-electron system: from weak to strong fieldsJM Rost
06 SeptemberChristian Marquardt
Universität Bonn
Optical spectroscopy of large organic molecules on insulating surfacesA Eisfeld
11 OctoberTiago Buckup
Universität Heidelberg
Multimodal time-resolved impulsive vibrational spectroscopiesA Eisfeld
01 NovemberThierry Jecko
On the mathematical treatment of the Born-Oppenheimer approximationF Grossmann

Program - 2016

Wednesday 16:30 - 17:30 / seminar room 1D1, mpipks


date speaker title invited by
10 March 2016Perttu Luukko
University of Jyväskylä
Strong quantum scarring by local impuritiesJM Rost
16 March Rudolf Bratschitsch
Universität Münster
Atomically thin semiconductors light upA Croy
12 April Andrey Kolovsky
Kirensky Institute of Physics, Krasnoyarsk
Bose-Hubbard Hamiltonian: Quantum chaos approachJM Rost
25 MayMichael Walter
Freiburger Materialforschungszentrum
Accurate spectroscopic fingerprints obtained from density functional theoryA Eisfeld
15 JuneArend Dijkstra
MPSD, Hamburg
Shining light on large molecular complexesA Eisfeld
22 JuneGerhard Birkl
TU Darmstadt
Single-site addressable architecture for quantum information and
quantum simulation with more than 100 Qubits
A Eisfeld
24 AugustShabir Barzanjeh
Inst. of Science and Technology, Austria
Phonon Josephson junction with nanomechanical resonatorsA Croy
21 SeptemberEvgeni A. Solov'ev
Dynamical adiabatic theory of atomic collisionsJM Rost
28 SeptemberSebastian Wüster
Bilkent University Ankara
Non-Hermitian matter wave mixing in Bose Einstein condensates: dissipation induced amplificationA Eisfeld
05 OctoberAaron LaForge
Universität Freiburg
Intermolecular processes in weakly-bound systemsA Eisfeld
19 OctoberMarco Ornigotti
Universität Jena
The angular momentum of light: Physics and applicationsT Pohl
01 NovemberSergei D. Ivanov
Universität Rostock
On the applicability of the Caldeira-Leggett model and X-ray spectroscopy from a time-domain perspective/td>F Grossmann

Program - 2015

Wednesday 16:30 - 17:30 / seminar room 1D1, mpipks

date speaker title invited by
25 February 2015David Gross
Universität Freiburg
Quantum physics and big dataA Eisfeld
03 June 2015Jürgen Hauer
TU Wien
Vibrational-excitonic coupling in supramolecular aggregatesA Eisfeld
08 July 2015Yang Zhao
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Davydov states for energy transfer dynamics in light harvesting systemsA Eisfeld
22 July 2015Ilja Gerhardt
MPI für Festkörperforschung Stuttgart
Single emitters - from microscopy and sensing to quantum opticsJ Götte
27 July 2015Klemens Hammerer
Universität Hannover
Quantum optomechanics and hybrid systemsS Wüster
21 October 2015Jan Roden
Berkeley University
Energy transport in a photosynthetic complexA Eisfeld
04 November 2015Jochen Mikosch
MBI Berlin
Dynamics of molecules in intense and attosecond laser fieldsA Eisfeld
02 December 2015Sigmund Kohler
Landau-Zener-Stückelberg-Majorana interferometry with double quantum dotsF Grossmann
16 December 2015Denys Bondar
Princeton University
Measurement inspired modeling of quantum and classical dynamical systemsS Landsman

Program - 2014

Wednesday 16:30 - 17:30 / seminar room 1D1, mpipks

date speaker title invited by
15 January 2014Michele Ceotto
Università degli Studi di Milano
Ab initio semiclassical molecular dynamics for CPU and GPU hardwareA Eisfeld
14 May 2014Karol Nass
Universität Heidelberg
Radiation damage in serial femtosecond macromolecuar crystallography at the X-ray laser U Saalmann
28 May 2014David Andrews
University of East Anglia
The role of virtual photons in nanoscale photonicsJ Götte
04 June 2014Ramy El-Ganainy
Michigan Technology University
Parity-time reversal (PT) symmetry in opticsA Eisfeld
10 July 2014Andrea Aiello
MPI for the Science of Light, Erlangen
Classical entanglementJ Götte
16 July 2014John Briggs
Universität Freiburg
Quantum entanglement with classical oscillatorsA Eisfeld
30 July 2014Jürgen Köhler
Universität Bayreuth
Optical spectroscopy of singly photosynthetic antenna complexesA Eisfeld
15 October 2014Antoine Browaeys
CNRS, Palaiseau
Experimental investigations of the resonant dipole-dipole interaction between cold Rydberg atomsA Eisfeld
05 November 2014Vittorio Peano
Univ. Erlangen-Nürnberg
Tailoring the flow of light and sound in an optomechanical arrayS Wüster
17 December 2014Maxim Gelin
TU München
Strong-field effects in molecular spectroscopyF Grossmann

Program - 2013/2014

Wednesday 16:30 - 17:30 / seminar room 1D1, mpipks

date speaker title invited by
23 January 2013Marcel Mudrich
Uni Freiburg
Photodynamics of doped helium nanodropletsF Grossmann
12 June 2013Alexander Croy
Chalmers University Goeteborg
Generation of non-classical states and entanglement in quantum nanomechanical systemsU Saalmann
3 July 2013Sandro Wimberger
Uni Heidelberg
News from the (quantum) kicked rotorF Grossmann
27 September 2013Aaron LaForge
Uni Freiburg
Collective autoionization in multiply-excited systems:
A novel ionization process observed in Helium nanodroplets
U Saalmann
17 October 2013Lothar Mühlbacher
Uni Freiburg
Contacted quantum dots: From transient dynamics to stationary nonequilibriumF Grossmann
30 October 2013Moritz Sokolowski
Uni Bonn
Fluorescence spectroscopy of molecules on surfaces: Diffusion, site selection and aggregationA Eisfeld
6 November 2013Alexander Szameit
Uni Jena
Superballistic transport and anomalous diffusion in inhomogeneous latticesA Eisfeld



Program - 2012

Wednesday 16:30 - 17:30 / seminar room 1D1, mpipks

date speaker title invited by
4 January 2012Holger Cartarius
Uni Stuttgart
Imaginary time Gaussian dynamics of rare gas clusters and its first-order correctionF Grossmann
25 January 2012Roberta Zambrini
Universitat Illes Balears, Palma de Mallorca
Quantum SynchronizationT Pohl
29 February 2012Richard Taieb
UPMC Paris
Measurement and control of photoionization delaysU Saalmann
21 March 2012Sebastian Hofferberth
Universität Stuttgart
Hollow fibers and Rydberg atoms - Novel approaches to few-photon optical nonlinearitiesT Pohl
28 March 2012Massimo Boninsegni
University of Alberta
Bose statistics, crystallization and quantum jammingT Pohl
4 April 2012Mark Dennis
University of Bristol
Knotting nodes of lightJ Götte
11 July 2012Yoshitaka Tanimura
Kyoto University
Reduced hierarchy equations of motion approach to Multidimensional SpectroscopiesF Grossmann

Program - 2011

Wednesday 16:30 - 17:30 / seminar room 1D1, mpipks


date speaker title invited by
08 April 2011Nina Rohringer
CFEL Hamburg
Quantum optics in the x-ray regime explored with XFEL sourcesJM Rost
15 April 2011Laurent Bonnet
Bordeaux University
From semiclassical to classical reaction dynamics in a quantum spiritF Grossmann
27 May 2011Klaus Møller
TU Denmark
Femtochemistry: Theory and simulationF Grossmann
1 June 2011Matthew Jones
Durham University
Many-body physics with cold Rydberg gasesT Pohl
22 June 2011Shannon Whitlock
Uni Heidelberg
Controlling interactions and 1D spin motion in a quantum gasS Wüster
4 October 2011Klaus Bartschat
Drake University, Des Moines, IA
Single and double ionization of atoms and molecules by short-pulse intense laser fields and charged-particle impactJM Rost
13 October 2011Alexander GorshkovQuantum magnetism with polar molecules: Tunable generalized t-J modelT Pohl
26 October 2011Jose Castro
Rice University
Collective effects in ultracold neutral plasmasT Pohl
30 November 2011Eleftherios Goulielmakis
MPQ Garching
Attosecond physics with field-synthesized light waveformsU Saalmann
14 December 2011Philip Walther
Universität Wien
Photonic entanglement for quantum computation and quantum simulationT Pohl
21 December 2011Dirk Gericke
Universität of Warwick
Properties of warm dense matter and application to X-ray scatteringT Pohl



Program - fall/winter 2010/2011

Friday 14:30 - 15:30 / seminar room 1D1, mpipks

date speaker title invited by
15 October 2010Stefan Rotter
Vienna University of Technology
Generating paricle-like scattering states in wave transportK Hornberger
22 October 2010Maximilian Schlosshauer
University of Copenhagen
What classicality? Decoherence and Bohr's classical conceptsK Hornberger
29 October 2010Eric Lutz
University of Augsburg
Thermodynamics on the nanoscaleK Hornberger
05 November 2010Tobias Kramer
University of Regensburg
Self-consistent transport of interacting electrons in magnetic fieldsF Grossmann
19 November 2010Malte Kaluza
Helmholtz Institut Jena
Spectral shaping of laser-generated ion pulsesStefan Skupin
03 December 2010Tomas Mancal
Charles University Prague
Non-linear spectroscopy and master equations: Do they like each other?A Eisfeld
17 December 2010Oleg Egorov
Universität Jena
Intracavity polariton solitonsS Skupin
07 January 2011Zoltan Donko
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Molecular dynamics simulations of strongly coupled plasmasU Saalmann
14 January 2011Sandro Wimberger
Universität Heidelberg
Fidelity of quasi-resonantly kicked atomsK Hornberger
21 January 2011Gediminas Juzeliunas
Vilnius University
Light-induced gauge potentials for ultracold atomsF Zimmer
4 February 2011Stefan Scheel
Imperial College London
Atom-surface interactions in thermal nonequilibriumK Hornberger
11 February 2011Wolfgang Domcke
TU Munich
Conical intersections and photostability of the building blocks of lifeA Eisfeld



Program - spring/summer 2010

Friday 14:30 - 15:30 / seminar room 1D1, mpipks

date speaker title invited by
26 February 2010Jörg Evers
MPI für Kernphysik Heidelberg
X-ray single photon entanglement via coherent control of collective nuclear dynamicsAlex Eisfeld
19 March 2010Heinz Peter Breuer
Universität Freiburg
Memory and information flow in open quantum systemsKlaus Hornberger
26 March 2010Carsten Henkel
Universität Potsdam
QED near a surface: Status and questionsK Hornberger
1 April 2010Raffaele Borrelli
University of Salerno, Italy
Quantum dynamics of early electron transfer processes in bacterial photosynthesisAlex Eisfeld
9 April 2010Tobias Brandes
TU Berlin
Control of counting statistics for transport through quantum dotsU Saalmann
16 April 2010Robert van Leeuwen
University Jyväskylä, Finland
Time-dependent quantum transport through interacting systems using the Kadanoff-Baym equationsU Saalmann
30 April 2010Guido Pupillo
University of Innsbruck
Quantum phases of cold polar molecules in 2D optical latticesT Pohl
7 May 2010Michael Fleischhauer
Universität Kaiserslautern
Single- and many-body physics with heavy photonsK Hornberger
4 June 2010Jörg Tatchen
Universität Düsseldorf
Direct semiclassical dynamics: Joining frozen Gaussian propagators and quantum chemistryF Grossmann
K Hornberger
2 July 2010Javier Madronero
TU München
Complexity and coherence in atomic few-body systemsK Hornberger
9 July 2010Reinhold Fink
Universität Würzburg
Quantum chemical protocols for key processes in organic solar cellsA Eisfeld
30 July 2010Hendrik Ulbricht
University Southampton
Molecule interferenceK Hornberger



Program - 2009

Wednesday 16:30 - 17:30 / Seminar room 1+2, MPI PKS

date speaker title invited by
21 January 2009Julius Su
Simulation of large-scale excited electron dynamicsJM Rost
28 January 2009Michael Mundt
Weizmann Institute
Quantum control of interacting particles: a MCTDHF-approachFrank Grossmann
28 January 2009IMPRS Seminar
25 February 2009IMPRS Seminar
18 March 2009IMPRS Seminar
23 AprilSterling Garmon
Niels Bohr Inst. Copenhagen
Low dimensional phenomena in semiconductor nanowires including bound states in continuum, quasi-bound states in continuum and Fano interferenceJan M Rost
6 May 2009IMPRS Seminar
20 May 2009Florian MintertSemiclassical simulation of open quantum systemsFrank Grossmann
27 May 2009IMPRS Seminar
24 June 2009IMPRS Seminar
11 November 2009
11 a.m.
Frank Steiner, University Ulm Exact Gutzwiller trace formula for an infinite quantum graphjoint seminar with Mesoscopic Systems
12 November 2009IMPRS Seminar
25 November 2009Workshop on Atomic Physics
9 December 2009IMPRS Seminar

Program - spring/summer 2008

Wednesday 16:30 - 17:30 / Seminar room 1+2, MPI PKS

date speaker title invited by
19 March 2008IMPRS Seminar
26 March 2008Bruno Lepetit
IRSAMC, Toulouse
Conical intersections and geometric phases in molecular systemsUlrich Galster
16 April 2008IMPRS Seminar
7 May 2008IMPRS Seminar
11 June 2008IMPRS Seminar
18 June 2008Piero Decleva
Università di Trieste
Photoionization dynamics in molecules by DFT and TDDFT approachUlf Saalmann
9 July 2008Qijin Chen
University of Chicago
Superfluidity in ultracold atomic Fermi gasesJM Rost
17 SeptemberVladimir A Mandelshtam
University of California, Irvine
Quantum transitions in Lennard-Jones clustersJM Rost
26 NovemberWorkshop on Atomic Physics
3 DecemberAmelle Zair
CELIA, France
Quantum path interference in atomic high order harmonic generationSt. Skupin
17 DecemberLuc Bergé
CEA, Ile de France
Ultrafast filaments of lightSt. Skupin

Program - fall/winter 2007/2008

Wednesday 16:30 - 17:30 / Seminar room 1+2, MPI PKS

date speaker title invited by
10 October 2007IMPRS Seminar
24 October 2007Dmitry Shalashilin
University of Leeds
Coupled coherent states. A quantum analog of classical molecular dynamicsF Grossmann
7 November 2007IMPRS Seminar
5 December 2007IMPRS Seminar
12 December 2007Mathias Nest
Universität Potsdam
Correlated quantum dynamics of electrons with multi-configurational wave functionsF Grossmann
23 January 2008IMPRS Seminar
20 February 2008IMPRS Seminar
21 February 2008Roland Guichard
Université Bordeaux
Theoretical Coulomb-Volkov approach applied to excitation and ionization for atoms induced by femtosecond laser pulsesJM Rost

Program - spring/summer 2007

Wednesday 16:30 - 17:30 / Seminar room 1+2, MPI PKS

date speaker title invited by
7 March 2007Kiyoshi Ueda
Tohoku University
Electron emission and subsequent fragmentation of molecules in intense laser fieldsJM Rost
14 March 2007IMPRS Seminar
28 March 2007Andreas Ruschhaupt
TU Braunschweig
The Atom Diode and other laser-based control devices for cold atomsA Buchleitner
2 April 2007Stefan Skupin
CEA/DAM Ile de France
On the dynamics of femtosecond filamentsJM Rost
4 April 2007Andrew Daley
University Innsbruck
Dark state cooling of atoms in an optical lattice by superfluid immersionA Buchleitner
11 April 2007IMPRS Seminar
12 April 2007Ulrich Galster
Univ. Freiburg
Tracking non-adiabatic couplings in H3JM Rost
18 April 2007Burkhard Schmidt
FU Berlin
Molecular dynamics between classical and quantum mechanicsF Grossmann
9 May 2007IMPRS Seminar
6 June 2007IMPRS Seminar
7 June 2007Tom Kirchner
TU Clausthal
A unified approach to collision- and laser-induced electron dynamics in atomic systemsJM Rost
20 June 2007Myungshik Kim
Queen's University Belfast
Quantum-state engineering for travelling light fieldsA Buchleitner
8 August 2007Rupamanjari Ghosh
New Delhi
Dynamics of open quantum systemsKamal Singh

Program - fall/winter 2006/2007

Wednesday 16:30 - 17:30 / Seminar room 1+2, MPI PKS


date speaker title invited by
6 October 2006 Jesús Rubayo-Soneira
Habana, Cuba
Dynamics of structural relaxation upon Rydberg excitation of a NO impurity in rare gas solid matricesJM Rost
11 October 2006 IMPRS Seminar
18 October 2006 Lamine Madjet
FU Berlin
Intermolecular Coulomb couplings from ab-initio transition chargesJM Rost
26 October 2006 Valery Smirnov
St. Petersburg State Univ.
A path integral approach in electron-atomic collisions
8 November 2006 IMPRS Seminar
23 November 2006 Kai Willner
Università di Roma
Weakly bound vibrational states of Na3 - A quantum defect approachJM Rost
29 November 2006 Atomic Physics Workshop
6 December 2006 IMPRS Seminar
13 December 2006Vitali Averbukh
Uni Heidelberg
Interatomic decay in clusters: From diatomics to fullerenesJM Rost
17 January 2007IMPRS Seminar
31 January 2007Michael Moseler
Fraunhofer Inst. Freiburg
Density functional modeling of free and supported cluster: On the road to an understanding of nanoscale catalysisF Grossmann
14 February 2007IMPRS Seminar

Program - spring/summer 2006

Wednesday 16:30 - 17:30 / Seminar room 1+2, MPI PKS


date speaker title invited by
8 February 2006 IMPRS Seminar
15 February 2006 Irena Labazan
Fritz Haber Inst. Berlin
Cooling of LiH moleculesJM Rost
8 March 2006 IMPRS Seminar
22 March 2006 Daniel Burgarth
University College London
Coherent transport of quantum information in permanently coupled spin systemsA Buchleitner
5 April 2006 Andre Eckardt
Universität Oldenburg
Superfluid insulator transition in a driven optical lattice A Buchleitner
12 April 2006 IMPRS Seminar
19 April 2006 Gernot Schaller
TU Dresden
Quantum optical pattern recognition with noise filtering A Buchleitner
has to be cancelled
20 April 2006
E.E. Nikitin
Israel Inst. of Technology, Haifa
Atto-second control of light-induced wavepacket dynamics of molecules JM Rost
26 April 2006 Ulrich Kleinekathoefer
TU Chemnitz
Dynamics and structure in molecular systems:
From light-harvesting complexes to molecular wires
JM Rost
10 May 2006 IMPRS Seminar
7 June 2006 Alfredo Ozorio de Almeida Unitary evolution of quantum operators:
Representations in double phase space
JM Rost
12 June 2006 C. D. Lin
Kansas State University
Probing atomic and electronic dynamics with sub-10fs and attosecond light pulses JM Rost
14 June 2006 IMPRS Seminar
19 Juli 2006 Tobias Paul
Univ. Regensburg
Matter wave transport through waveguides with disorder JM Rost

Program - fall/winter 2005/2006

Wednesday 16:30 - 17:30 / Seminar room 1+2, MPI PKS

date speaker title invited by
06. October 2005 IMPRS Seminar
26. October 2005 Jens Biegert, ETH Zürich Coherent control in bound-bound and bound-continuum transitionsA Becker
02. November 2005 IMPRS Seminar
09. November 2005 Gernot Alber, TU Darmstadt Quantum error correction and dynamical decouplingF Grossmann
28. November 2005 Atomic Physics Workshop
07. December 2005 IMPRS Seminar
13. December 2005
11 a.m.
Dirk K. Morr
Nanoscale structures and novel quantum phenomena in correlated electron systems I Eremin
14. December 2005 Emily Lamour
Institut des NanoSciences de Paris
Quantitative measurements of x-ray yields in strong laser-cluster interaction U Saalmann
15. December 2005
11 a.m.
Boris Samsonov
Tomsk State University
Supersymmetric quantum mechanics and exactly solvable quantum problems I Rotter
18. January 2006 IMPRS Seminar

Program - spring/summer 2005

Wednesday 16:30 - 17:30 / Seminar room 1+2, MPI PKS


date speaker title invited by
23. March 2005 IMPRS Seminar
6. April 2005 Michael Revzen
Technion Haifa
The classical limit for the Casimir effectP A Mello
13. April 2005 Zong-Chao Yan
University of New Brunswick, Canada
High-precision studies of few-body Coulombic systemsT Pattard
20. April 2005 IMPRS Seminar
4. May 2005 Olivier Sigwarth
Univ. Bayreuth
Weak localization of light in cold atoms with a magnetic field A Buchleitner
11. May 2005 IMPRS Seminar
25. May 2005 Holger Waalkens
Univ. Bristol
Phase space conduits for reaction in multi-dimensional systems: HCN isomerization in three dimensionsK Kruse
1. June 2005 Jörg Lehmann
Univ. Basel
Phonon-assisted cotunneling through quantum dotsJM Rost
15. June 2005 IMPRS Seminar
22. June 2005 Andreas Komnik
Univ. Freiburg
Transport properties of Luttinger liquids and single-wall carbon nanotubesF Grossmann
29. June 2005 H.-J. Kull
RWTH Aachen
Theory and simulation of nano-plasmas in strong laser fields JM Rost
6. July 2005 Ingrid Rotter
Pier A. Mello
Statistical study of the conductance and shot noise in open quantum-chaotic cavities
13. July 2005 IMPRS Seminar
Friday, 13:30
15. July 2005
Baerbel Rethfeld
Univ. Essen
Nonequilibrium dynamics of electrons in laser-excited solidsJM Rost
03. August 2005 Roland Wester
Univ. Freiburg
Ultracold atom-molecule collisions inside an optical trapJ Brand
10. August 2005 Bjoern Trauzettel
University Leiden
Current fluctuations in Luttinger liquid systemsJM Rost

Program - fall/winter 2004/2005

Wednesday 16:30 - 17:30 / Seminar room 1+2, MPI PKS


date speaker title invited by
27. October 2004 Michael Bonitz
Univ. Kiel
Strongly correlated classical and quantum charged particles in trapping potentials T Pattard
24. November 2004 Ulrich Schramm
LMU München
Threading ions like pearls on strings -
properties of crystalline ion beams
T Pattard
8. December 2004 Rafael Gutierrez
Univ. Regensburg
Dissipative effects in the electronic transport through DNA molecular wires F Grossmann
15. December 2004 Seminar Complex Dynamics
12. January 2005 Seminar Complex Dynamics
19. January 2005 Jürgen Stuhler
Univ. Stuttgart
Bose-Einstein condensation of chromium: A novel quantum gas with tunable long and short-range interaction T Pattard
9. February 2005 Michael Geissler
MPQ, Garching
Relativistic Laser Electron Acceleration J M Rost
23. February 2005 IMPRS Seminar

Program - spring/summer 2004

Wednesday 16:30 - 17:30 / Seminar room 1+2, MPI PKS


date speaker title invited by
12. May 2004 Tim Laarmann
MBI Berlin
Rare gas atoms and clusters in the focus of intense VUV free-electron laser light U. Saalmann
19. May 2004 Seminar Complex Dynamics
02. June 2004 Howard Reiss
Max-Born-Institute Berlin
Relativistic strong-field phenomena A. Becker
09. June 2004 Matthias Wollenhaupt
Univ. Kassel
New strategies for quantum control: Intense laser fields and polarization shaping U. Saalmann

17. June 2004

Gerd Roepke
Univ. Rostock
The dielectric function of strongly coupled Coulomb systems in related quantities: Conductivity, absorption, bremsstrahlung JM Rost
30. June 2004 Seminar Complex Dynamics
07. July 2004 Georgios Nikolopoulos
TU Darmstadt
Electron wavepacket propagation and entanglement in a chain of coupled quantum dots A. Buchleitner
14. July 2004 Italo Guarneri
Univ. del'Insubria Como
Quantum accelerator modes and non-unimodular eigenvalues of unitary dynamics A. Buchleitner
21. July 2004 Juergen Meyer-ter-Vehn
MPQ Garching
Extreme energy density in solids by DESY XUV-FEL beams JM Rost
28. July 2004 Marcus Beims Quantum chaos of two particles in a circular billiard interacting via Yukawa potential JM Rost
15. September 2004 Michael E. Kellman
University of Oregon
Classical phase space structure and quantum dynamics in molecules and coupled Bose-Einstein condensates J. Brand
29. September 2004 Tobias Brixner
University of California at Berkeley
Quantum control by polarization shaping M. Lein

Program - fall/winter 2003/2004

Wednesday 16:30 - 17:30 / Seminar room 1+2, MPI PKS


date speaker title invited by
15. October 2003 Vincent Brems
Univ. Bonn
Resonance overlapping in molecular predissociation I. Rotter
29. October 2003 Seminar Complex Dynamics
5. November 2003 Stephan Kümmel
Finite systems and density functional theory - hope of the future or past all hope? JM Rost
26. November 2003 J. Stockburger
Univ. Stuttgart
Quantum dynamics of open systems: A non-Markovian stochastic approach F. Grossmann
3. December 2003 Workshop on Atomic Physics
10. December 2003 Seminar Complex Dynamics
14. January 2004 Seminar Complex Dynamics
21. January 2004 Markus Drescher
Univ. Bielefeld
Attosecond-Spectroscopy: Sampling Electron Wave-Packets with Light A. Becker
28. January 2004 Volker Engel
Univ. Würzburg
Wavepacket dynamics of NaI molecules: time-resolved diffraction and orientation in a static electric field M. Lein
04. February 2004 Seminar Complex Dynamics
18. February 2004 Reinhard Dörner
Univ. Frankfurt
Electron emission from fixed in space molecules and cluster A. Becker

Program - spring/summer 2003

Wednesday 16:30 - 17:30 / Seminar room 1+2, MPI PKS


date speaker titleinvited by
8. January 2003 Martina Havenith
Ruhr-Univ. Bochum
Laser spectroscopy of molecules in helium nanodroplets: Unusual observations in an ultracold matrix JM Rost
15. January 2003 Günter Käb
MPI für biophys. Chemie Göttingen
Statistical mechanics of mean field Ehrenfest quantum/classical molecular dynamics: Vibrational energy relaxation F. Grossmann
22. January 2003 Seminar Complex Dynamics
29. January 2003 Robert Olkiewicz Decoherence in infinite quantum systems A. Buchleitner
5. February 2003 Thomas Gasenzer
Univ. Heidelberg
Oscillations between atoms and molecules in a Bose-Einstein condensate A. Brand
12. February 2003 Seminar Complex Dynamics
12. March 2003 Edward Arevalo
Univ. Bayreuth
Soliton diffusion on chains of coupled nonlinear oscillators A. Becker
2. April 2003 Misha Ivanov
National Research Council, Ottawa
Quantum computing approach to quantum control: finding an alphabet for the language of molecular dynamicsa A. Becker
9. April 2003 Nikos Doltsinis
Ruhr-Univ. Bochum
Ab initio simulation of nonadiabatic processes in high-dimensional systems F. Grossmann
14. May 2003 Seminar Complex Dynamics
11. June 2003 Ilya Grigorenko
FU Berlin
Complex dynamics and control J.M. Rost
18. June 2003 Stavros Komineas
Cambridge, UK
Solitons, solitonic vortices, and vortex rings in a cylindrical Bose-Einstein condensate J. Brand
25. June 2003 Seminar Complex Dynamics
2. July 2003 Sigmund Kohler
Universität Augsburg
Transport through time-dependent systemsF. Grossmann
16. July 2003 Seminar Complex Dynamics
20. August 2003 Gora Shlyapnikov
AMOLF Amsterdam
Molecular BEC and atomic BCS in cold Fermi gases J. Brand

Program - fall and winter 2002/03

Wednesday 16:30 - 17:30 / Seminar room 1+2, MPI PKS


date speaker titleinvited by
18. September 2002 Manfred Lein
Imperial College London
High-harmonic generation and above-threshold ionization in aligned molecules JM Rost
30. October 2002 Seminar Complex Dynamics
13. November 2002 Martina Roeselova
Inst. of Physical Chemistry Prag
Electron photodetachment in halide-water complexes: From classical to quantum dynamics F. Grossmann
27. November 2002 Seminar Complex Dynamics
4. December 2002 Valentin Nesterenko
JINR Dubna
Multipole plasmons in spherical and deformed atomic clusters JM Rost
12. December 2002
9:00 am
Boris Fine
Spinoza Inst. Utrecht
Spin-spin relaxation at high-temperatures - implications of microscopic chaos A. Buchleitner
18. December 2002 Michael Fleischhauer
Uni Kaiserslautern
Slow-light: From quantum memories for photons to matter-wave optics JM Rost

Program - Spring / Summer 2002

Wednesday 16:30 - 17:30 / Seminar room 1+2, MPI PKS


date speaker titleinvited by
8. May 2002 Ralf Wehlitz
Synchroton Radiation Center, Univ. Wisconsin
Double photoionization of few-electron systems JM Rost
15. May 2002 Tom Kirchner
MPI für Kernphysik Heidelberg
Manipulating ion-atom collisions with coherent electromagnetic radiation JM Rost
29. May 2002 Thomas Schlathölter
KVI Atomic Physics, Groningen
Charge driven fragmentation of van-der-Waals clusters and small biomolecules Ulf Saalmann
5. June 2002 Karol Zyczkowski
Polish Academy of Sciences
Positive maps, completely positive maps and quantum entanglement A. Buchleitner
19. June 2002 Charles Jaffe
West Virginia University
Barriers to transport in systems with three or more degrees of freedom JM Rost
3. July 2002 Ralph Jaquet
Univ. Siegen
Spectroscopy and reaction dynamics of triatomic systems F. Grossmann
10. July 2002 Günter Zwicknagel
Univ. Erlangen
Semiquantal simulations of warm, dense hydrogen JM Rost
17. July 2002 Hartmut Haeffner
Univ. Innsbruck
Dynamical tunneling of cold atoms A. Buchleitner
24. July 2002 Michael d'Arcy
University of Oxford
Experimental studies of quantum chaos using cold atoms A. Buchleitner
31. July 2002 Andreas Krug
Microwave driven alkali Rydberg states: Quantum chaos without a classical analogue? A. Buchleitner
14. August 2002 Christof Yung
UNAM Cuernavaca, Mexico
Molecular vibrations: from the spectrum to the motion of the atoms JM Rost


Winter 2001



date speaker title invited by
17.10.2001 A. Nazarkin, Max-Born-Institut, Berlin Nonlinear optics with extremely short laser pulses: Theory and experiment JM Rost
24.10.2001 Petr Seba, Univ. Hradec Kralove Quantum chaos without quantum mechanics: the correlation statistics of human brain activity JM Rost
28.11.2001 Nikolai Kabachnik, Univ. Bielefeld A statistical model for fast ion-C60 collisions R. Schmidt
12.12.2001 Peter Saalfrank, Univ. Regensburg Laser-driven electron dynamics at interfaces F. Grossmann
9.1.2002 Holger R. Dullin, Loughborough University Quantum Monodromy in H2+ J. Wiersig
30.1.2002 Gabriel Carlo, MPIPKS Scar functions and semiclassical quantization
H. Schomerus




Program - Summer 2001

date speaker title invited by
09.05.2001 Andrea Nemes Salgueiro, MPI Heidelberg The cavity QED Deutsch Quantum Computer JM Rost
30.05.2001 Martin E. Garcia, FU Berlin Femtosecond structural changes in solids and clusters JM Rost
13.06.2001 Tomaz Prosen, Univ. Ljubljana On relation between quantum ergodicity and fidelity of quantum dynamics F. Grossmann
27.06.2001 Ulrich Kleinekathoefer, TU Chemnitz Dissipative Dynamics in Molecular Systems F. Grossmann
04.07.2001 Jörg Main, Uni Stuttgart Periodic orbit quantization: From integrable to chaotic systems F. Grossmann
25.07.2001 Thomas Dittrich, Universidad Nacional de Colombia Semiclassical propagation of the Wigner function: path integrals and spectral correlations JM Rost
08.08.2001 Tihamer Geyer, Weizmann Institute Rehovot A quasiclassical approach to electron impact ionization JM Rost
15.08.2001 Agapi Emmanouilidou, University of Texas Austin Floquet scattering and signatures of chaos in an open quantum system JM Rost
22.08.2001 Matthias Weidemueller, MPI für Kernphysik Heidelberg title to be announced A.Buchleitner
05.09.2001 Michael Walter, Univ. Freiburg Photofragmentation of molecules JM Rost



Program - autumn/winter 2000/2001

date speaker title invited by
19.07.00 Horst Koeppel, Uni Heidelberg
Nonadiabatic quantum molecular dynamics at conical intersections of potential energy surfaces
JM Rost
06.09.00 Knud Taulbjerg, Uni Aarhus
Peculiar Properties of two and three body Coulomb interactions
invited by:
JM Rost
04.10.00 Peter Schmelcher, Uni Heidelberg
Magnetized Atoms

JM Rost
15.11.00 Simon Brattke
MPI fuer Quantenoptik Garching

Photon Number States in the One Atom Maser

A. Buchleitner
13.12.00 Oliver Kuehn, FU Berlin
Laser-driven ultrafast selective bond-breaking in isolated polyatomic molecules

F. Grossmann
Christoph Gebhardt
MPI für Quantenoptik Garching

Charge Separation in Cluster Surface Collisions

A. Buchleitner
17.01.01 Regina de Vivie-Riedle
MPQ Garching

Optimal control theory and the possibility to manipulate complex molecular motions

JM Rost
21.02.01 Ludger Wirtz
TU Wien

Semiclassical transport through open quantum billiards: How much quantum mechanics is necessary to achieve unitarity ?

Th. Pattard

Program - winter/spring 2000

Wednesday 16:30 - 17:30 * Seminar room 1+2, MPI PKS


date speaker title invited by
12.01.2000 Pavel Jungwirth, Prague
Photodissociation of small molecules in rare gas
clusters by rotational preexcitation
F. Grossmann
19.01.2000 P.G. Reinhard, Uni Erlangen
Dynamics of electrons and ions in metal clusters
JM Rost
26.01.2000 G. Stock, Uni Freiburg
Theoretical description of femtosecond processes in complex molecular systems
JM Rost

30.01.2000 - 05.02.2000
 no seminar 21.Arbeitstagung 
Energiereiche Atomare Stöße 
Riezlern /Kleinwalsertal
organized by:
JM Rost
J. Ullrich, Freiburg
07.02.2000 - 11.02.2000 no seminar Ringberg Meeting
Theory group (MPQ) and Finite Systems & Nonlinear
Dynamics in Quantum Systems (MPIPKS)
organized by:
A. Buchleitner
Johan Dubbeldam, Uni Amsterdam
Dynamics and noise in lasers with a saturable absorber:
excitability and coherence resonance
A. Buchleitner 
room 3
group meeting Finite Systems

Björn Zimmermann, Fritz-Haber-Institut Berlin

Complete experiments in atomic and molecular photoionisation

JM Rost
room 3
K.-H. Meiwes-Broer, Uni Rostock Metal clusters in strong laser light fields R. Schmidt
room 3
group meeting Finite Systems

Markus Porto, Tel Aviv University

Atomic Scale Engines: Cars and Wheels

JM Rost

13.03.2000 - 20.04.2000
International Workshop and Seminar
Atomic Systems in Extreme Fields

Focus Meeting on Correlation
Focus Meeting on Relativistic Effects
organized by:
JM Rost
Chr. Keitel, Freiburg
Peter L. Knight, London
room 2 A 1
group meeting Finite Systems

Nenad Simonovic

Semiclassical quantization of bound three-body Coulomb systems

JM Rost
Alfred Wünsche, Humboldt-Uni Berlin
Quasiprobabilities, state reconstruction and non-classicality of states in quantum optics

JM Rost
Mohammed Lamine Madjet
Many-body effects in the ionization of metal clusters

JM Rost

Program - fall '99

Wednesday 17:00 - 18:00 * Seminar room 1+2, MPI PKS


date speaker title invited by
13.10.99 no seminar
20.10.99 Ravi Rau
(presently Uni Kaiserslautern)
Stability at saddles of potential surfaces Jan M Rost
25.10.99, 14.30
Stephan Fritzsche
(Uni Kassel)
Relativistic studies of open-shell atoms and ions Jan M Rost
27.10.99 Reinhard Schinke,
(MPI fuer Stroemungsforschung, Goettingen)
Unimolecular decay of molecules: A quantummechanical pespective R Schmidt
3.11.99 no seminar
16.00-18.00, room 2 A 1
(Double Welcome Seminar!)
Himadri Chakraborti

Nenad Simonovic

Effects of interchannel coupling in atomic/ionic photoionization

The hydrogen atom near a metal surface
Jan M Rost
17.11.99 holiday
24.11.99 Irene Burghardt,
(Uni Heidelberg and CNRS, Paris)
Ultrashort-lived resonances in molecular photodissociation: periodic-orbit analysis PKS/TU
(F. Grossmann)
1.12.99 Christoph Keitel
(Uni Freiburg)
Atoms in ultrastrong laserfields Jan M Rost
8.12.99 Wolfgang Domcke
(TU Muenchen)
Femtosecond dynamics at conical intersections PKS/TU
(J M Rost)

Program - summer '99

Wednesday 17:00 - 18:00 * Seminar room 1+2, MPI PKS


date speaker title invited by
28.6.99 John S. Briggs
(presently Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin)
Time in Quantum Mechanics

Jan M Rost

25.8.99 Martin Dörr
(Max-Born Institut, Berlin)
Time-dependent multiphoton ionization Jan M Rost
1.9.99 Bernd Burghardt
(Uni Dortmund)
Numerical evaluation of coherent-state path integrals: Wave packet propagation Jan M Rost

Dominik Marx
(MPI für Festkörperforschung, Stuttgart)
Ab initio Clusters Frank Grossmann
29.9.99 Mengli Du
Dynamics and spectroscopy of atoms in external fields Jan M Rost

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