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24 Jul 2017

Localization: Moving beyond Statistical Mechanics

Christopher Laumann (Boston University)

The central assumption of statistical mechanics is that interactions between particles establish local equilibrium. Isolated quantum systems, however, need not equilibrate; this happens, for example, when sufficient quenched disorder causes localization. The many-body localized (MBL) phase transports neither heat nor charge; may possess orders disallowed in equilibrium; and, may exhibit quantum coherence even when highly excited. In this talk, I will review the emerging understanding of how quantum localization can lead to new quantum phenomena even in highly excited states. I will give some theoretical intuition about how this might be used to build a better quantum computer and also review some of the latest experiments investigating localization.

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01 Aug 2017


Matteo di Volo (Unité de Neurosciences, France)

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09 Aug 2017

Light-induced ultrafast tunneling dynamics of a many-electron system: from weak to strong fields

Yi-Jen Chen (DESY Hamburg)

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