GM Guidelines

The goal of internal talks at our Group meeting is twofold: to update the members of the group on your recent research and to get a valuable feedback, suggestions and advice from the whole group in return. We encourage an informal presentation and discussion of your most challenging or exciting problems rather than polished talks about the accomplished work. These guidelines are to assist your preparation for the meeting. As with any recommendation it is your decision whether to follow it or not, however timing is going to be very strict.

We usually have two presenters with 30 min slots for each speaker. Each 30 min slot is divided into 20 min of presentation and 10 min of discussion. However, we encourage the group members to ask questions during the talk and use the discussion time for more elaborate comments and suggestions. Try to plan the 20 min presentation as follows: Use the first 5 minutes to give a good introduction to the topic and the problem you are working on; spend another 5 minutes telling about your major achievements; the remaining 10 minutes are there to talk about most recent things you've done or plan to do, or speak about the problems you might need help or advice with. You will here a sound signal after your first 20 minutes are gone.

The list of speakers below is based on the rotation principle and is modified pending changes in the external speakers schedule. Please check this web-page regularly. You will be notified approximately a week before your talk date is due. In case of questions or conflicts please contact Steffen Rulands.

Date Speakers
24.01.2022Bartolucci, Giacomo
Popovic, Marko
31.01.2022Janssen, Jacqueline
Dang, Yiteng
07.02.2022Brugues Ferre, Jan
Modes, Carl D
21.02.2022Morin, José
Neipel, Jonas
28.02.2022Hashtroud, Aida
Alsina Lopez, Adolfo
07.03.2022Miranda, Martin
Prousalis, Dimitris
21.03.2022Bauermann, Jonathan
Olmeda, Fabrizio
28.03.2022Zheng, Chunming
Herrmann, Anne
25.04.2022Alameh, Kafa
Quail, Thomas
02.05.2022Hanauer, Christian
Di Terlizi, Ivan
16.05.2022Krishna, Abhijeet
Setoudeh, Maryam
23.05.2022Pietzonka, Patrick
Laha, Sudarshana
30.05.2022Yu, Meng
Tahaei, Ali
20.06.2022Zhao, Jianguo
Zechner, Christoph
27.06.2022Wetzel, Lucas
Hubatsch, Lars
04.07.2022Rulands, Steffen
Ursic, Ursa
18.07.2022Meigel, Felix
Singh, Abhinav
25.07.2022Chhajed, Kartik
Ilker, Efe
29.08.2022Mukhamadiarov, Ruslan
Bo, Stefano
19.09.2022Banerjee, Debarghya
Ciarchi, Matteo
26.09.2022Alert, Ricard
Amiri, Aboutaleb
17.10.2022Haas, Pierre
Liese, Susanne
24.10.2022McCall, Patrick
Mabillard, Joël
14.11.2022Takaki, Ryota
Datt, Charu
21.11.2022Bovyn, Matt
Majee, Arghya