Colloquium on April 27, 2009

Christoph Bruch
Max Planck Digital Library (MPDG), München

"Will 'open access' change scientific publishing?"

Open Access is hailed by representatives of the scholarly communities as
an innovative way to organize communication among researchers. MPS is
strongly committed to Open Access. But the new mode of communication is
not welcomed by everybody. Stances in the publishing communities are
more heterogeneous. The talk will elaborate on the pros and cons of Open
Access, explain the Open Access policy of MPS, exemplify how it can be
practiced by researchers and introduce the services which are offered by
MPS in support of Open Access. The scope of authors will be illustrated
with practical examples. Sources for additional information will be
presented. In particular the lecture is to show how authors can maximize
the utility of and visibility of their work by taking into account how
decisions during the publication process influence the later
accessibility of their work.