Colloquium on March 24, 2013

Jochen Mannhart
Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart

Oxide Interfaces - A Fantastic World for Electrons; From MOSFETs to Novel Electron Systems

Extraordinary electron systems can be generated at well-defined interfaces between complex oxides [1]. These two-dimensional electron systems are characterized by properties that fundamentally differ from those of two-dimensional electron gases in semiconductor heterostructures, which provide the basis of the Quantum Hall Effect and are exploited in high electron mobility transistors.

In recent years, groundbreaking progress has been achieved in exploring and utilizing novel oxide electron systems. In the presentation I will provide an overview of their surprising properties (see, e.g., [2]) and explore the potential of electron liquids at oxide interfaces for the use in nanoscale electronic devices.

[1]  A. Ohtomo et al., Nature 419, 378 (2002)
[2]  J. Mannhart and D.G. Schlom, Science 327, 1607 (2010)