Colloquium on September 13, 2010

Sabine Sütterlin
Journalist in Residence

What is it that journalists want from scientists?

Scientists often wonder why newspapers, magazines, radio and TV programs for the lay public only rarely report about basic science. And also why journalists, if they talk to scientists, always ask these strange questions: What is it good for? Could this lead to a cure for cancer? Or could it make car production cheaper? There seems to be a fundamental gap between basic research and public perception. What can scientists do to overcome this? There will be a short presentation and plenty of time for discussion. BYOT (=bring your own thoughts).

Sabine Sütterlin is a freelance science journalist writing for Swiss and German newspapers and has been granted a fellowship as "Journalist in Residence" in 2010 by the three Max Planck Institutes in Dresden. She reports about her scientific adventures in Dresden on (unfortunately only in German)