MPI PKS History and mission of the Institute


Nov. 1992 The senate of the Max Planck Society concludes the foundation of the institute in Dresden.
July 1993 Initiation of the scientific activities.
Jan. 1994 Move to the provisional building provided by the TU Dresden.
Mai 1994 Official inauguration by the president of the Max Planck Society.
Sep. 1995 Start of construction work on the new building and guest houses (Nöthnitzer Str. 38).
July 1997 Completion of the new building and relocation.
Sep. 1997 Official inauguration of the new building.
Mai 1999 Start of scientific activities of the division Finite Systems.

Scientific objectives

The scientific aim of the institute is the exploration of physical properties of complex systems.
At present the main activities cover the fields:


Structure and staff