Department Biological Physics


Biological Physics at PKS focuses on the description of biological systems at cellular and sub-cellular scales. The aim is to develop concepts that will be helpful for improving our understanding of the principles that govern the organization of cellular processes. To this end methods from the statistical physics of systems out of the thermodynamic equilibrium and non-linear dynamics are used and developed further. An important part of our work are close collaborations with experimental groups, in particular, from the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden.

Biological Physics

Frank Jülicher

Collective Dynamics of Cells

Vasily Zaburdaev

Statistical Physics of Living Systems

Steffen Rulands

Mesoscopic Physics of Life

Christoph Weber

Joint Research Groups with MPI-CBG:

Self-organization of Biological Structures

Jan Brugues

Computational Biology and Evolutionary Genomics

Michael Hiller

Center for Systems Biology, Dresden

Partner Groups at CSBD:

Network Complexity and Systems Biophysics

Carl Modes

MOSAIC Group: Scientific Computing for Image-based Systems Biology

Ivo Sbalzarini

Adaptive Biosystems

Christoph Zechner

Max Planck Partner Group
Partner Group for Biological Physics, India

Vijaykumar Krishnamurthy

Former Groups
Collaborations in Dresden and Elsewhere