Department Biological Physics

Dissertations of the Department
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Marko Popovic
(TU Dresden, 2017)
Continuum mechanics of developing epithelia: Shaping a fly wing [56,8 MB, pdf]
Silvanus Alt
(TU Dresden, 2016)
Epithelial Mechanics in 3D - how form follows force [83 MB, pdf]
Jochen Schneider
(TU Dresden, 2016)
The interplay of the cell membrane with the cytoskeleton [3,7 MB, pdf]
Steffen Werner
(TU Dresden, 2016)
Growth and Scaling during Development and Regeneration [4,8 MB, pdf]
Anna Erzberger
(TU Dresden, 2016)
Actomyosin mechanics at the cell level [7,5 MB, pdf]
Pablo Sartori Velasco
(TU Dresden, 2015)
Effect of curvature and normal forces on motor regulation of cilia [11,9 MB, pdf]
David Jörg
(TU Dresden, 2014)
Genetic Oscillations and Vertebrate Embryonic Development [16,3 MB, pdf]
Matthias Merkel
(TU Dresden, 2014)
From cells to tissues:
Remodeling and polarity reorientation in epithelial tissues
[31 MB, pdf]
Helge Aufderheide
(TU Dresden, 2014)
Implications of eigenvector localization for dynamics on complex networks [5,5 MB, pdf]
David Zwicker
(TU Dresden, 2013)
Physical Description of Centrosomes as Active Droplets [6,1 MB, pdf]
Maryam Aliee
(TU Dresden, 2013)
Dynamics and mechanics of compartment boundaries in developing tissues [13,5 MB, pdf]
Gesa Böhme
(TU Dresden, 2013)
Emergence and persistence of diversity in complex networks [6,3 MB, pdf]
Bhavna Rajasekaran
(TU Dresden, 2013)
Analysis of Movement of Cellular Oscillators in the Pre-somitic Mesoderm of the Zebrafish Embryo [16,3 MB, pdf]
Jöbin Gharakhani
(TU Dresden, 2012)
Cell Cytoplasm Compartmentalization: Localization Through Gradients [14,9 MB, pdf]
Lucas Wetzel
(TU Dresden, 2012)
Effects of Distributed Delays in Systems of Coupled Phase Oscillators [17,1 MB, pdf]
Johannes Höfener
(TU Dresden, 2012)
Networks of delay-coupled delay oscillators [2,7 MB, pdf]
Jonathan Dawson
(TU Dresden, 2012)
Dynamics of endosomal trafficking [27,9 MB, pdf]
Sebastian Fürthauer
(TU Dresden, 2012)
Active Chiral Processes in Soft Biological Matter [15,5 MB, pdf]
Jonas Ranft
(Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris

TU Dresden, 2012)
Mechanics of Growing Tissues: A Continuum Description Approach
[11,4 MB, pdf]
Douglas Staple
(TU Dresden, 2012)
Understanding Mechanics and Polarity in Two-Dimensional Tissues [18 MB, pdf]
Peer Mumcu
(TU Dresden, 2011)
Self-organized Growth in Developing Epithelia [13,3 MB, pdf]
Anne-Ly Do
(Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, 2011)
Self-organization in Continuous Adaptive Networks [1,1 MB, pdf]
Kai Dierkes
(TU Dresden, 2010)
Nonlinear Amplification by Active Sensory Hair Bundles [40,3 MB, pdf]
Reza Farhadifar
(TU Dresden, 2009)
Dynamics of Cell Packing and Polar Order in Developing Epithelia [11,7 MB, pdf]
Elisabeth Fischer-Friedrich
(Universität des Saarlandes, 2009)
Pattern Formation by the Min system of Escherichia coli [10,9 MB, pdf]
Benjamin Friedrich
(TU Dresden, 2009)
Chemotaxis of Sperm Cells [ 4,7 MB, pdf]
Thomas Bittig
(TU Dresden, 2008)
Morphogenic Signaling in Growing Tissues [ 4,9 MB, pdf]
Lars Rudolf
(University Potsdam, 2008)
Population Dynamics in Theory and Experiment: An Investigation of Species Interactions on Different Scales of Complexity [ 4,2 MB, pdf]
Eva-Maria Schötz
(TU Dresden, 2007)
Dynamics and Mechanics of Zebrafish Embryonic Tissues [16,1 MB, pdf]
Nils Becker
(TU Dresden, 2007)
Sequence Dependent Elasticity of DNA [ 3,6 MB, pdf]
Giovanni Meacci
(TU Dresden, 2006)
Physical Aspects of Min Oscillations in Escherichia Coli [ 3,7 MB, pdf]
Peter Borowski
(TU Dresden, 2006)
Stochastic Dynamics in Olfactory Signal Transduction and Development [ 7,4 MB, pdf]
Gernot Klein
(TU Dresden, 2006)
Theoretical Aspects of Motor Protein Induced Filament Depolymerisation [ 9,6 MB, pdf]
Andreas Hilfinger
(TU Dresden, 2006)
Dynamics of Cilia and Flagella [ 5,9 MB, pdf]
Alexander Zumdieck
(TU Dresden, 2005)
Dynamics of Active Filament Systems [36,3 MB, pdf]
Tobias Bollenbach
(TU Dresden, 2005)
Formation of Morphogen Gradients [ 8,3 MB, pdf]
Björn Nadrowski
(University Paris 7, 2004)
Mechanical Properties of Active Hair-Bundles [ 4,4 MB, pdf]
Thomas Risler
(University Paris 6, 2003)
Critical Behavior of Coupled Oscillators [ 8,9 MB, pdf]