Advanced Study Groups

MPIPKS hosts each year up to two Advanced Study Groups, in order to further advance the interaction and exchange between outstanding scientists and young researchers.
Each group consists of several scientists headed by the Principal Investigator (PI). Their work focusses on a modern and important topic in the broad field of the Physics of Complex Systems. With the full support of the Visitors Program, the group will attract further shorter term visitors for seminars, lectures, discussions and other meetings.

MPIPKS welcomes applications for future Advanced Study Groups. Potential PIs should contact one of the directors of the institute in advance.

Advanced Study Group 2016

"From Microscopic to Collective Dynamics in Neural Circuits"

Convenor: Dr. Alessandro Torcini

Members: Prof. German Mato, Prof. Antonio Politi, Dr. Hugh Robinson, Dr. Simon R. Schultz, Prof. Marc Timme

Advanced Study Group 2015

"Semiclassical Methods: Insight and Practice in 'Many' Dimensions"

Convenor: Prof. Eric Heller

Members: Prof. Alfredo Miguel Ozorio de Almeida, Dr. L. William Poirier, Prof. David Tannor, Prof. Steven L. Tomsovic

Advanced Study Group 2015

"Statistical Physics and Anomalous Dynamics of Foraging"

Convenor: Dr. Rainer Klages

Members: Prof. Frederic Bartumeus, Prof. Denis Boyer, Dr. Aleksei Chechkin, Dr. Luca Giuggioli, Dr. Jon Pitchford

Advanced Study Group 2014

"Optical rare events: A challenge in Laser Dynamics"

Convenor: Prof. Jason Gallas

Members: Prof. Vassilios Kovanis, Prof. Cristina Masoller, Prof. Marcus W. Beims

Advanced Study Group 2013/2014

"Coevolution: A proving ground for non-equilibrium statstical mechanics"

Convenor: Prof. Kevin E. Bassler

Members: Dr. Charo del Genio, Prof. Erwin Frey, Prof. Zoltán Toroczkai, Prof. Royce K.P. Zia

Advanced Study Group 2012/2013

"Topological Band Structures and Their Instabilities"

Convenor: Prof. Igor Herbut

Members: Fakher Assaad, Balasz Dora, Lars Fritz, Ken-Ichiro Imura, Christopher Mudry, Ronny Thomale

Advanced Study Group 2011-2013

"Statistical Physics of Collective Motion"

Convenor: Prof. Hugues Chaté

Members: Igor Aronson, Eric Bertin, Cristián Huepe, Sriram Ramaswamy, John Toner

Advanced Study Group 2011

"Towards a Semiclassical Theory of Dynamical Tunneling"

Convenor: Prof. Steven Tomsovic

Members: Akira Shudo, Peter Schlagheck, Srihari Keshavamurthy, Arnd Bäcker, Roland Ketzmerick

Advanced Study Group 2010

"Quantum Thermodynamics of Finite Systems"

Convenor: Prof. Gerhard C. Hegerfeldt

Members: J. Gonzalo Muga, Larry Schulman, Bernard Gaveau, Giulio Casati, Rafael Sala-Mayato

Advanced Study Group 2010

"Unconventional Magnetism in High Fields"

Convenor: Dr. Mike Zhitomirsky

Members: Andrey Chubukov, Peter Holdsworth, Frédéric Mila

Advanced Study Group 2008/2009

"Quantum Aggregates"

Principal Investigator: Prof. John Briggs

Members: Manfred Kleber, Peter Reineker

Advanced Study Group 2008

"Time: Quantum and Statistical Mechanics Aspects"

Principal Investigator: Prof. Lawrence S. Schulman

Members: Prof. Arno Bohm, Prof. Bernard Gaveau,
Prof. Jonathan Halliwell, Dr. Gonzalo Muga

Advanced Study Group 2007

"Localizing Energy through Nonlinearity, Discreteness and Disorder"

Principal Investigator: Prof. Serge Aubry

Members: Prof. Victor Fleurov, Prof. Rolf Schilling, Prof. Lawrence S. Schulman