Distinguished PKS Postdoctoral Fellows and
Junior Professors

Distinguished PKS postdoctoral fellows are young (under 35) but experienced postdoctoral fellows. They conduct independent research which complements and adds to the variety of topics currently studied in the field of the physics of complex systems our institute. These positions are limited to three years. PKS fellows often leave the institute for a tenured academic university position worldwide.

Dr. Robert Johne
Dr. Alexander Croy
Dr. Andre Cardoso Barato

Former Distinguished PKS Postdoctoral Fellows:
Dr. Benjamin Friedrich (moved to staff position at MPIPKS)
Dr. Achilleas Lazarides (moved to staff position at MPIPKS)
Dr. Chiu Fan Lee (moved to lecturer position at Imperial College London)
Dr. Emil Bergholtz (moved to Freie Universitaet Berlin)
Dr. Vitali Averbukh (moved to faculty position at Imperial College London)
Dr. Masudul Haque (moved to staff position at MPIPKS)
Dr. Balazs Dora (moved to staff position at Budapest UT)
Dr. Benjamin Lindner (moved to head of group position at MPIPKS)
Dr. Kay Hamacher (moved to faculty position at TU Darmstadt)
Prof. Dr. Jaroslaw Fabian (moved to faculty position at U Regensburg)
Prof. Dr. Heike Emmerich (moved to facutly position at RWTH Aachen)
Dr. Rainer Klages (moved to lecturer position at QMU London)
Dr. Manfred Lein (moved to faculty position at U Kassel)
Dr. Joachim Brand (moved to faculty position at Massey U)
Dr. Abhik Basu (moved to staff position at Saha INP Calcutta)

Junior Professors are appointed jointly by a German university where they teach, and by our institute from which their salary comes and where they conduct their research with access to all our facilities.

Former Junior Professor:
Prof. Dr. Ilya Eremin (moved to faculty position at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum)