Visitors Program

In close collaboration with the other service departments of mpipks, the Visitors Program is dedicated to support the scientists in every possible way to allow them to focus on the essence: their research.

Every year, our team organizes between 15 and 20 seminars and workshops with a total number of approximately 1500 international participants.

Moreover, we supply the logistics and paperwork for 400 visiting scientists, for example regarding visa and residence permit application, accommodation, schools and daycare, language courses, bureaucracy and much more.

Guest scientist positions are available for nearly all academic career levels, ranging from PhD students, over young postdoctoral researchers, to senior scientists spending their sabbaticals at mpipks.

Our team (ltr): Amy Wright, Maria Paetzold, Katrin Lantsch, Mandy Lochar, Ly Do, Claudia Domaschke


Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems
Visitors Programm
Nöthnitzer Str. 38
01187 Dresden
phone: +49 (351) 871-1935