Rainer Hegger Holger Kantz Thomas Schreiber
Exercises for TISEAN Nonlinear Time Series Routines

A guided tour through TISEAN
Exercises with data sets

These exercises are neither a short course in nonlinear dynamics nor in nonlinear time series analysis. They are just an introduction to an efficent usage of the routines. However, we tried to enrich them by remarks and comments, in particular pointing out some pitfalls and common errors in data analysis.

I: Exploring chaos in 1-dimensional maps

II: Linear models and simple prediction

III: Time and length scales, structure, Poincare-maps, and surrogates

IV: Dimensions, Lyapunov exponents, and entropies

Color codes

Printed in blue are routine names, mathematical objects, and other relevant stuff.
Printed in red are command lines to be typed into a terminal window for program operation.
Printed in green are gnuplot commands, i.e., these are command lines to be typed after a gnuplot> prompt.
Printed in orange are program options, including their numerical values.