NMR laser

Nonlinear Time Series Analysis

Rainer Hegger
Holger Kantz
Thomas Schreiber

The TISEAN archive page

Check out the latest version 3.0.0

Download source code + documentation

The full source code in partly C and partly FORTRAN has been bundled together with the full documentation in html format. This standard package is what every user needs since it contains all the documentation. Also, on UNIX and certain other machines, the whole package should be compiled from the sources. In order to do this, a suitable configure script and Makefiles are included. Follow the link "Installation" once you have a local copy of the package. The package is available in several formats.

Gzip'ed tar archive

Download TISEAN_2.1.tar.gz. Then run
     > gunzip TISEAN_2.1.tar.gz
     > tar -vxf TISEAN_2.1.tar

Zip archive

Download TISEAN_2.1.zip. Then run
     > unzip TISEAN_2.1.zip


In order to enter the documentation system, load the file index.html in the directory you have just generated into your favourite www browser.

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Download binary executables

UNIX * Windows * others

Even if you don't want to use the sources, you need to download the source + documentation package first, since none of the binaries is of any use without the documentation.


It is planned to put here statically linked executables for all kinds of architectures by and by. If you have persistent difficulty to compile the package, please contact us about binaries. So far, all we have is:

LINUX (intel): TISEAN_2.1-linux.tar.gz 10 Mb
OSF1 (DEC alpha): TISEAN_2.1-osf1.tar.gz 23 Mb

Note: The executables here have been statically linked in order to work independently of installed libraries. However, these programs are much bigger than those you could generate from the sources. We suggest that you build your own executables whenever possible.


You are most likely to need the executables if you are using Windows. In that case, please consult the Windows explanation page first, from where you then can download the binaries. Here they are as well:

Windows (PC): TISEAN_2.1-windows.zip 8 Mb


If you have menaged to compile the sources on anything more exotic than what is already on this page, please contact us so that maybe we may put the executables here for others to use.

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Mailing list

This is the archive of our mailing list. It contains copies of all the mails we have sent out so far, sorted by date.

Well, there hasn't been any mailing yet.

You can have yourself added to our mailing list by sending mail to mdtisean.
The structure of the mail is quite simple. The Subject is empty and the body just consists of the command subscribe tisean.

This is not a news group or a list you may contribute to. It is solely a means for us to distribute important news, like bug fixes and updates to you.

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