Description of the program: recurr

This program produces a recurrence plot of the, possibly multivariate, data set. That means, for each point in the data set it looks for all points, such that the distance between these two points is smaller than a given size in a given embedding space.
Be careful! Choosing the value for the -r flag too large can lead to really big files.


recurr [Options]

Everything not being a valid option will be interpreted as a potential datafile name. Given no datafile at all, means read stdin. Also - means stdin

Possible options are:

Option Description Default
-l# number of data to use whole file
-x# number of lines to be ignored 0
-c# columns to be read 1
-m# no. of components,embedding dimension 1,2
-d# delay 1
-r# size of the neighbourhood (data interval)/1000
-%# print only the percentage # of all points found
should help to keep the file size reasonably small
-o# output file name 'datafile'.rec
(or stdin.rec if stdin was read)
without -o: stdout
-V# verbosity level
  0: only panic messages
  1: add input/output messages
-h show these options none

Description of the Output:

Pairs of integers representing the indexes of the pairs of points having a distance smaller than r.
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