Montag, 4.12., 19:30
Donnerstag, 7.12., 19:30

T. Diederich Non-metal to metal transition in Magnesium clusters
C. Faria Schemes for high-harmonic control
I. Grigorenko Laser induced Coulomb explosion of clusters
P. Hammond title to be announced
S. Hu, W. Sandner, W. Becker High efficiency high-harmonic generation mechanism without tunneling
A. Krug, A. Buchleitner Microwave ionization of alkali Rydberg states in a realistic numerical experiment
O. Kullie High accuracy Dirac-Fock-Finite-Element-Method (FEM) calculations for some diatomic molecules
M. Lein Above-threshold double ionization of Helium
L. Madjet, H. Chakraborty Problems with local self interaction correction in high energy photoionization of metal clusters
T. Pattard, J. Burgdörfer Half-collision model for triple photoionization of Lithium
J. Pitteloud, T. Pattard, X.-M. Tong, J. Burgdörfer Two electrons in a quantum dot: interaction with an intense laser pulse
R. Püttner Statistical properties of inter-series mixing in Helium: from integrability to chaos
U. Saalmann Collision dynamics of metallic clusters
T. Schneider, Ch.-N. Liu, JM Rost Long- and short-range correlations in helium photoionization
Ch. Siedschlag, JM Rost Energy absorption of small rare gas clusters
N. Simonivic, JM Rost Quantum life-times from the classical phase-space
S. Teuber Metal clusters in strong laser fields
S. Wimberger, A. Buchleitner The Conductance of Atoms