Workshop on

Atomic Physics and X-ray Free Electron Laser Related Dynamiscs

December 13 - 15, 2001


with beer and wine

THURSDAY, December 13th
19:30, second floor

Beier, Th., Haeffner, H., Hermanspahn, N.,
Kluge, H.-J., Quint, W., Stahl, S., Verdu, J., Werth, G.
New determination of the electron's mass
Ermolaev, A.M., Selin, A.V., Joachain, C.J. Electron-electron correlation effects in differential and total cross
sections for single ionization of He by relativistic 1-GeV U92+ ions
Friedrich, H., Jacoby, G., Meister, C.G. Quantum reflection by Casimir-van-der-Waals potential tails
Keim, M., Achenbach, A., Kirchner,
T., Luedde, H.J and Dreizler, R.M.
Basis generator method approach to collisions between antiprotons
and atomic hydrogen
Kuehl, T. PHELIX Project - Petawatt High-Energy Laser for Heavy-Ion EXperiments
Lein, M., Marango, J.P. High-harmonic generation in oriented molecules
Nazmitdinov, R.G., Simonovic, N.S., Rost, J.M. Semiclassical analysis of two-electron quantum dots in magnetic fields
Pattard, T. A shape function for single-photon multiple ionization cross sections
Pohl, T., Ebeling, W. Semiclassical dynamics of atomic electrons in strong fields
Requate, A., Becker, A.,Schwengelbeck, U.,
Faisal, F.H.M.
Study of stationary phase method for ionization of hydrogen in strong laser fields
Schartner, K.-H., Zimmermann, B.,
Kammer, S., and Mickat, S.
Radiative cascades from doubly excited He states
Schmidt, V., Lörch, H., Scherer, N. Interference effects between photoelectrons and subsequent Coster-Kronig-electrons
in non-coincidence experiments
Schneider, T., Liu, C.-N., Rost, J.M. Intermanifold similarities in partial photoionization cross sections of helium
Siedschlag, Ch. and Rost, J.M. Enhanced ionization in small rare gas clusters
Sulik, B., Koncz, Cs., Tökesi, K., Orban, A., Köver, A.,
Ricz, S., Chesnel, J-Y., Stolterfoth, N., Berenyi, D.
Hot electrons from intermediate velocity ion-atom collisions:
Fermi-shuttle ionization
Stolterfoht, N. et al. - Interference in the electron emission from H2-molecules
- Scattering of higly charged ions through nanocapillaries
- Ionization-Excitation producing hollow Li by fast ions
Surzhykov, A., Fritzsche, S. The Lyman -\alpha_1 decay in hydrogen-like ions: Interference between
the E1 and M2 transition amplitudes
Uhlmann, M., Kunert, T., Schmidt, R. Excitation, ionization and fragmentation of H2+ in intense laser fields
Wimberger, S., Buchleitner, A., Guarneri, I. Mixed phase space vs. quantum localization

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