Workshop on 'Atomic Physics'

December 9 - 13, 2002

Poster Sessions

Tuesday evening, Dec. 10th / Thursday evening, Dec. 12th

Henri Bachau, Bordeaux The ionization of one-electron diatomic molecules
in strong and short fields
Imre Barna, Dresden Optimised short intense laser pulses for the 1s1s -> 1s2p helium transition
Andreas Becker, Dresden Double ionization of helium in laser fields
Joachim Brand, Dresden Dynamics of ultra-cold low-dimensional Bosons using density-functional theory
Bin Duan, Dresden Energies of the ground states of S-wave for a D-dimensional helium atom
Agapi Emmanouilidou, Dresden Identification of dominant mechanisms in double photoionization
of 21,3S excited states of He
Thomas Fennel, Rostock Plasmon-enhanced charging of metal clusters in intense laser fields
Ivo A. Häring, Dresden Observing condensation via atomic scattering
Celal Harabati, Dresden Calculation of initial value representation of time propagation
in a singular potential
Agnieszka Jaron, Bielefeld Ionization of small carbon clusters in strong laser fields
Patrick Kaminski, Freiburg Wavelength dependent multiphoton ionization of xenon
Anatole Kenfack, Dresden On the fitting of the Wigner and Husimi distributions
Peter Koval, Kassel Application of Green's function method to the two-photon ionization
of hydrogen-like ions
Javier Madronero, Dresden Planar helium under periodic driving
Carlo Meister, München Quenching of curve crossing probabilities by quantum reflection
Marcel Mudrich, Heidelberg Thermodynamic in mixtures of ultracold atoms
Thomas Pohl, Dresden On the role of correlations in plasma formation
from ultracold Rydberg gases
Paul Radcliffe, Rostock Photoelectron spectroscopy of neutral silver clusters
Frank Rebentrost, Garching Imaging of collisions by laser excitation of collision complexes
Arvid Requate, Bielefeld Limits of stationary phase method for ionization in strong laser fields
Ulf Saalmann, Dresden Multiple ionization of rare-gas clusters in collisions with highly-charged ions
Nenad Simonovic, Belgrad The symmetries of two-body Coulomb systems in an external
parabolic potential and magnetic field
Yulian Vanne, Konstanz Accurate numerical treatment of diatomic molecules

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