Workshop on 'Atomic Physics'

November 29 - December 3, 2004

Poster Sessions

Tuesday evening, November 30th + Thursday evening, December 2nd

Posters can be up during the entire workshop week on the second floor

Fresia Alvarado, Groningen Collisions of He+ ions with laser excited fullerenes
Manohar Awasthi, Berlin Time-dependent calculations for molecular hydrogen in intense laser fields
Andre R.R. Carvalho, Dresden Web-assisted tunneling in the kicked harmonic oscillator
Nark Nyul Choi, Kyungbook Partition of the triple collision manifold in two-electron atoms
Cornelia Deiss, Vienna Cluster-laser interaction: Fast production of hot electrons by short laser pulses
Darko Dimitrovski, Freiburg Ionization and excitation of a negative ion by an electric field pulse
Tilo Döppner, Rostock Influence of the intensity distribution in a Gaussian laser focus
on the charging dynamics of silver clusters in strong laser fields
Frank Fehrer, Erlangen Embedding of Na-clusters in rare-gas matrices
Thomas Fennel, Rostock Electron emission from metal clusters in strong laser fields
Jens Robin Götz, Freiburg Dynamical screening in (e,3e) processes
Peter Herskind, Aarhus Quantum memory for light based on ion Coulomb crystals
Heinz Hövel, Dortmund Photon energy dependence of the dynamic final state effect for metal clusters at surfaces
Thomas Irawan, Dortmund Metal clusters on rare gas layers: growth and spectroscopy
Ranaul Islam, Dresden Ion energy distribution of clusters due to interaction of intense laser pulses
Aliaksei Konash, Minsk Computation study of energy migration in heterogeneous systems:
Role of structure of the basic matrix
Thomas Kunert, Dresden Optimized basis sets for time-dependent density functional theory
M Lein & S Kümmel, Dresden Nonlinear response of atoms and molecules from density functional theory
Javier Madronero, Dresden Modern aspects of the Coulomb three-body problem
Tatiana Martchenko, Amsterdam Optimisation of the energy coupling efficiency in laser cluster interaction
Mario de Menech, Dresden Electron transport through metallic cluster on surfaces
Peter Mulser, Darmstadt Two most efficient nonlinear laser absorption mechanisms in clusters
Oleg Obolensky, Frankfurt Fission of small metal clusters
Johannes Passig, Rostock Generation of intense mass-separated nanoparticle beams
Sergei Popruzhenko, Moscow Collisionless heating of a classical electron nanoplasma
in laser-irradiated clusters
Andreas Przystawik, Rostock Spin polarized silver dimers in helium droplets
Paul Radcliffe, Rostock Ion and electron emission dynamics from AgN after exposure
to intense laser pulses
Simona Scheit, Heidelberg Interatomic Coulombic Decay (ICD) in the inner valence ionized Ne dimer
Ihar Shchatsinin, Berlin Ionization and fragmentation of C60 fullerenes exposed to intense laser radiation
with a pulse duration down to 9 fs
Nenad Simonovic, Belgrad Time-dependent approach in atomic collision processes
Ilia Solov'yov, Frankfurt Potential energy surface for alanine and glycine chains
I Solov'yov & A Yakubovich,
St. Petersburg
Fission of charged alanine depeptides
Eric Suraud, Toulouse Non linear response of embedded clusters
Noelle Walsh, Greifswald Multiply charged anionic clusters in a Penning trap
David Zaretsky, Moscow Coulomb explosion of clusters in a magnetic trap.
The neutrons generation and XUV emission.
Henning Zettergren, Stockholm Fragmentation features of C70 and C60 ions
Björn Zimmermann, Dresden On the recombination in high-order harmonic generation in molecules

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