Non-unitary quantum trajectory Monte Carlo method for open quantum systems

Marek Seliger, Vienna University of Technology

Marek Seliger and Joachim Burgdoerfer (Institute for Theoretical Physics, Vienna University of Technology)
Carlos O. Reinhold and Tatsuya Minami (Physics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge)

We have developed a generalized non-unitary Lindblad equation and its quantum trajectory Monte Carlo implementation for the evolution of open quantum systems whose coupling to the environment not only features energy exchange but also probability flux to the environment. This generalization allows the treatment of a class of problems where the state space of the system includes bound and continuum states. We apply the theory to time development of the internal state of fast highly charged Kr 35+ ions traversing carbon foils with varying thickness subject to collisions and to spontaneous radiative decay. We find improved agreement of the non-unitary transport theory with experimental data.