International Workshop on ''Atomic Physics''

November 23 - 27, 2009

TUESDAY evening, November 24th and
THURSDAY evening, November 26th
second floor of mpipks

List of Poster Presentations

Afrousheh, Kourosh Spectroscopy of Rydberg states of alkaline-earth atoms under collisions with rare gases
Alcami, Manuel TDDFT molecular dynamics simulations of the fragmentation of ionized biomolecules in gas phase and water environment
Andrae, Dirk A novel approach to the state functions for the Helium isoelectronic series
Argenti, Luca The Magnus-Krylov numerical integrator for the TDSE
Assmann, Mariana Theoretical studies of the conformations and dynamics of 2-cyclopentylidene-tetrahydrofuran
Augstein, Bradley Influence of energetically close orbitals on molecular high-order harmonic generation
Bachau, Henri Nuclear interference in the Coulomb explosion of H2+ in short VUV laser field
Ben-Itzhak, Itzik (Net) Zero Photon dissociation of hydrogen molecular ions in few cycle pulses
Bengtsson, Jakob Solution of the time-dependent Schrödinger equation using uniform complex scaling
Berakdar, Jamal Single particle vs. collective excitations in quasi spherical molecules
Bichkov, A.B. Application of a path integral Gaussian approximation for evaluation of the interaction probabilities of a short photo-pulse with hydrogen and helium atoms
Boca, Madalina Remarks on classical calculations of Thomson scattering
Borbely, Sandor Ionization of the water by intense half-cycle pulses
Cartarius, Holger Extended variational calculations with coupled Gaussian wave-packets for gases of ultracold atoms
Corral, Ines Hydrogen bonding in electronically excited states: A comparison between formic acid dimer and its thio- and dithioderivatives
Doslic, Nadja Secondary structure formation in protected dipeptides
Eiglsperger, Johannes Frozen planet states in helium with non-zero angular momentum
Florescu, Viorica Classical versus quantum descriptions of non-linear Compton scattering
Forre, Morten
Nepstad, Raymond
Numerical studies of multiphoton ionization processes in helium
Friedrich, Harald Quantization function for deep potentials with tails proportional to -1/r4
Genkin, Michael Environmentally induced shift of the quantum arrival time
Gnodtke, Christian Electron dynamics in clusters induced by intense FEL pulses
Gonzalez, Leticia On the ultrafast quantum dynamics of the low energy charge transfer process in the S3++ H reaction
Guichard, Roland Atoms in the focus of free-electron lasers
Gulyaev, Alexey Polarization response and pulse spectrum broadening in the problem of few-cycle laser pulse propagation through quantum nonlinear medium
Jasik, Patryk Time-dependent description of electronic predissociation in the LiH molecule
Kenfack, Anatole Coupled electronic and nuclear fluxes in molecules: Quantum simulations for simple systems
Korneev, Phil High harmonic generation in clusters irradiated by a strong laser field
Kraynov, Vladimir Angular distributions of photoelectrons at the ionization of large Xe clusters by intense attosecond laser pulses
Krishnan, Siva Rama Rare-gas clusters in intense femtosecond laser fields
Labuda, Marta Ultrafast quantum dynamics of the low energy charge transfer in the S3++ H system
Marchenko, Tatiana Wavelength-dependent above-threshold ionization in Argon and Xenon
Martin, Fernando Two-photon dissociative ionization of H2 by ultrashort xuv laser pulses
Mihelic, Andrej Multiphoton ionization of atoms with intense short-wavelength radiation
Mikaberidze, Alexey Doped helium droplets under intense laser pulses
Mityureva, Alla The representation of the total information on the electron-atomic excitation processes
Morales, Felipe Two-photon double ionization of H2
Niederhausen, Thomas Controlling the vibrational and dissociation dynamics of the hydrogen molecular ion with intense infrared laser pulses
Papamihail, Aikaterini Theory of multiphoton multiple ionization of Xenon under strong soft X-ray radiation
Pérez-Torres, Jhon Fredy Circular dichroism in dissociative ionization of H2 by ultrashort XUV pulses
Persson, Emil Quantum control of electron localization in molecules driven by trains of half-cycle pulses
Plésiat, Etienne Theoretical evaluation of the C 1s photoelectron spectrum of methane beyond the fixed nuclei approximation
Preuss, Hartmut Quantum dynamics of a laser-driven haptotropic molecular switch
Räsänen, Esa Quantum optical control of ionization and charge transfer
Riviere, Paula Transient absorption of high order harmonics from attosecond pulse trains
Schulz, Claus Peter Excitation and ionization of C60 by elliptically polarized, intense, short laser pulses
Scrinzi, Armin Complex scaling for time-dependent problems
Shaaran, Tahir Laser-induced nonsequential double ionization: Kinematic constraints for the recollision-excitation-tunneling mechanism
Selstø, Sølve How to lose some particles and keep the rest
Sienkiewicz, Jozef Time-dependent description of electronic predissociation in the LiH molecule
Smirnov, Valery Functional representations for the system of pairwise interacting fermions
Stefanska, Kamila Two-photon double ionization of atoms in high frequency fields
Stener, Mauro Photoelectron angular distribution from core ionization of a single oriented NO2 molecule
Syty, Pavel The relativistic J-matrix method in elastic scattering of slow electrons from Argon atoms
Tokesi, Karoly Ionization of the hydrogen atom by short half-cycle pulses: Dependence on the pulse duration
Vibok, Agnes Radiationless decay of excited states of tetrahydrocannabinol through the S1/S0 conical intersection
Wunner, Günter Correlation function quantum Monte Carlo calculations for ground and excited states
of many electron atoms and ions in neutron-star magnetic fields
Sliwinski, Gerard fs-laser induced tunelling ionization fo 4He II and harmonic generation

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- for each poster presentation one poster wall will be available
- size of poster walls: 185 cm high x 95 cm wide (portrait format A0: 119 x 84 cm)
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