International Workshop on ATOMIC PHYSICS

November 26 - 30, 2012

TUESDAY evening, November 27th and
THURSDAY evening, November 29th


1 Argenti, Luca Attosecond transient absorption spectroscopy of doubly excited states in helium
2 Artemyev, Anton Solution of two-center time-dependent Dirac equation in spherical coordinates: Beyond monopole approximation
3 Bannasch, Georg Measurement of ion relaxation in strongly coupled plasmas
4 Boll, Rebecca Photoelectron diffraction on laser-aligned molecules
5 Bredtmann, Timm Mapping attosecond electron motion by molecular high order harmonic pump probe spectroscopy: Effect of nuclear movement
6 Camacho, Abraham Sequential ionization of fullerene under intense XFEL pulses
7 Choi, Nark Nyul The helium atoms as a Coulomb three-body problem
8 Cinti, Fabio Many body physics with Rydberg dressed atoms
9 Dahlström, Marcus, Theory of attosecond delays in laser-assisted photoionization
10 Dumin, Yurii Magnetically-stimulated diffusion of Rydberg gases
11 Erratuphuza, Sonia Strong-field-control of isomerization processes in polyatomic molecules
12 Erk, Benjamin Fragmentation dynamics of small molecules upon multiple ionization by X-ray free electron laser pulses
13 Genkin, Michael Break up of Rydberg superatoms via dipole-dipole interactions
14 Gil, Laura Spin squeezing in ultracold Strontium lattices
15 Gulyaev, Alexey Ultrashort laser pulse propagation through orientationaly nonlinear molecular media
16 Hartmann, Gregor The transition from coherent determination to random order as function of recoil momentum
17 Heeg, Kilian Spontaneously generated coherences in the X-ray regime
18 Herrmann, Jens Absorption and optical gain via an interrupted virtual single-photon transition
19 Ilchen, Markus Coherence effects in molecular valence ionization
20 Jimenez, Alvaro Study of Fano resonances with the Rabitt technique
21 Johnson, Irudayaraj Non linear spectroscopy with X-rays in some complex liquid interactions
22 Kajumba, Nathaniel Laser-plasma driven undulator radiation
23 Kharin, Vasily Interference stabilization of diatomic heteronuclear molecules in intense laser field
24 Khokhlova, Margarita High harmonic generation by atoms in elliptically polarized laser field
25 Kloz, Miroslav Femtosecond stimulated Raman spectroscopy
26 Kullie, Ossama Relativistic time-dependent density functional calculations for the excited states of the cadmium dimer
27 Laarmann, Tim XUV fluorescence spectroscopy of rare gas clusters in the focus of FLASH
28 Leonhardt, Karsten Conical intersections and excitation transport in flexible Rydberg aggregates
29 Li, Weibin Trapped Rydberg ions
30 Lischke, Toralf Decoherence of coherent superpositions of spatially separated electron emission sites
31 Macri, Tommaso Excitations and instabilities with bosons with finite and long range interactions
32 Madjet, Mohamed El-Amine Ultrafast nonadiabatic dynamics of acetylene monocation
33 Middleton, Damien Effects of autoionising states on the single and double ionisation yields of Neon with soft X-ray fields
34 Möbius, Sebastian Optical properties of molecular aggregates from levy-stable disorder
35 O Broin, Cathal A GPU accelerated R-matrix based propagator
36 Ritschel, Gerhard Energy transfer and optical properties of molecular aggregates -
Application of Non-Markovian quantum state diffusion
37 Schröter, Sebastian Considerations on Hund's first multiplicity rule for generalized two-electron quantum dots
38 Sharapova, Polina Stabilization and entanglement of a model Rydberg atom in non-classical electromagnetic field
39 Sindelka, Milan Analytical approach to 1D bound state problems
40 Skruszewicz, Slawomir Superatom molecular orbitals in C60
41 Takemoto, Norio Multiple ionization bursts and attosecond electron dynamics in hydrogen molecular ion
42 Torlina, Lisa Electron-ion correlation effects in strong field ionization
43 Wüster, Sebastian Schroedinger's cat from Rydberg dressed cold atom clouds
44 Zimmermann, Klaus Long-lived states and decay of Helium in the one and two dimensional configuration

- posters can be up during the entire workshop week
- for each poster presentation one poster wall will be available
- size of poster walls: 185 cm high x 95 cm wide (portrait format A0: 119 x 84 cm)
double side tape or magnets will be provided