International Workshop on ATOMIC PHYSICS

November 24 – 28, 2014

TUESDAY evening, November 25 and
THURSDAY evening, November 27

Preliminary list of poster presentations

01 Arbeiter, Mathias Electron re-localization dynamics in Xenon clusters under intense XUV pump-prob excitation
02 Brics, Martins Non-sequential double ionization with time-dependent renormalized natural orbital theory
03 Choi, Nark Nyul Towards time-dependent semiclassical wave-packet dynamics including tunneling
04 Diesen, Elias Zero-energy-structure in photoelectron spectra from strong-field ionization
05 Dumin, Yurii Fine spatial structure of the Rydberg blockade zone
06 Förster, Johann Ionization behavior of molecular hydrogen in intense laser fields:
Influence of molecular vibration and alignment
07 Genkin, Michael Entangled motion using Rydberg blockade - from single atoms to atom clouds
08 Gneiting, Clemens Quantum-to-classical transition in disordered media
09 Götte, Jörg Optical atom chip
10 Hanusch, Adrian Equations of motion for natural orbitals of the hydrogen molecule
11 Hao, Yajiang Electronic structure calculation for molecular multiple cole-hole states
12 Hofmann, Cornelia Studying momentum distributions in all aspects reveals important insight
13 Jobunga, Eric Ouma Non-dipole effects in multiphoton ionization of hydrogen atom in superintense x-ray laser fields
14 Klaiber, Michael Laser-driven relativistic tunneling
15 Komar, Dzmitry Charge-resolved ion energy spectra of cluster coulomb explosion
16 Kraus, Peter Attosecond charge migration and its laser control
17 Kropf, Chahan Effective dynamics of disordered quantum systems
18 Kullie, Ossama Time in quantum mechanics, case study: Tunneling time in attosecond experiment
19 Leonhardt, Karsten Switching exciton pulses through conical intersections
20 Liseykina, Tatyana Intense laser-thick target interaction, hot electron production and scaling
21 Lutsyshyn, Yaroslav Solving time-dependent Schrödinger equation on massively parallel platforms
22 Mi, Yonghao Ionization of atoms and molecules in a strong two-color field
23 Mosert, Volker Differential spectra for dissociative ionization of H2+
24 Nazmitdinov, Rashid Transport properties of an armchair nanotube and rippled graphen
25 Ni, Hongcheng

Numerical simulations of single and double photoionization of the helium dimer
(H. Ni, C. Ruiz, R. Dörner, A. Becker)

26 Ni, Hongcheng Time delays in two-photon ionization (J. Su, H. Ni, A. Jaron-Becker, A. Becker)
27 Nikodem, Astrid Ultrafast electronic dynamics in photoionized caffeine
28 Osswald, Mara Effects of polarizability on high harmonic generation
29 Peltz, Christian Time-resolved x-ray imaging of anisotropic nanoplasma expansion
30 Perez-Torres, Jhon Fredy Electronic and nuclear flux densities in diatomic molecules
31 Rapp, Julius Time-dependent renormalized natural orbital theory (TDRNOT): Five key concepts
for reproducing highly correlated electron dynamics of atoms in strong laser fields
32 Richter, Martin Ultrashort laser pulse induced Rydberg-states revealed and analyzed
33 Rodriguez, Alberto Interaction effects on dynamical localization in driven helim
34 Sander, Katharina Microscopic description of single-shot diffractive imaging using a dyadic Green's function approach
35 Söyler, Sebnem Günes Quantum many-body physics of interacting photons
36 Seiffert, Lennart Attosecond controlled photoemission tailored by sub-wavelength nanofocussing
37 Sheremetyeva, Natalya Laser field induced correlated tunneling of electrons
38 Skruszewicz, Slawomir Strong dichromatic laser field ionization of atoms and molecules
39 Schönleber, David Quantum simulation of energy transport with embedded Rydberg aggregates
40 Schüler, Michael Nuclear wave-packet dynamics mapped out by two-center interference in the HeH++ molecule
41 Shatokhin, Vyacheslav Coherent backscattering of intense laser light from cold atoms
42 Takemoto, Norio Phase space approach to time-dependent Schrödinger equation
43 Toyota, Koudai The envelope Hamiltonian method in high-frequency regime
44 Trallero-Giner, Carlos Damping of excitations modes of a Bose-Einstein condensate in an optical trap
45 Trautmann, Nils Atomic dynamics induced by controlled single photon absorption
46 Zhang, Jiang Min Nonsmooth and level-resolved dynamics illustrated with a periodically driven tight binding model

- posters can be up during the entire workshop week
- for each poster presentation one poster wall will be available
- size of poster walls: 185 cm high x 95 cm wide (portrait format A0: 119 x 84 cm)
double side tape or magnets will be provided