Preliminary list of poster contributions

  • For each poster presentation one poster wall will be available.

  • Please note that the size of the poster walls is 185 cm (height) x 95 cm (width).

  • Double-sided tape/magnets will be provided.

    Ahufinger, Veronica Trapped ion chain as a neural network
    Alon, Ofir E. Cold bosonic atoms in rings, optical lattices and other traps: Beyond Gross-Pitaevskii and Bose-Hubbard
    Aspelmeyer, Markus Photon-phonon Entanglement
    Baranov, Mikhail Rapidly rotating fermionic dipolar gases
    Battelier, Baptiste Observation of phase fluctuations in a quasi-2D Bose-gas
    Belzig, Wolfgang Counting statistics of density fluctuations in a quantum gas
    Brand, Joachim Quantum reflection and dissipative motion of matter-wave solitons
    Braun, Daniel A decoherence metric for quantum memories with many qubits
    Camerer, Stephan Coupling a BEC to a nanomechanical resonator - Chip fabrication
    Cherny, Alexander Is the 1D Bose gas superfluid?
    Fehske, Holger Exciton condensation in intermdiate valence Tm[Se,Tm] compounds
    Fuchs, Jean-Noël Induced interaction between two impurities in one dimensional Bose liquids
    Garcia-Ripoll, Juan Jose Molecule formation in optical lattices: A matrix product state study
    Görlitz, Axel A combined trap for ultracold Rb and Yb atoms
    Huckans, John An accordion optical lattice for cold atoms
    Juzeliunas, Gediminas Light induced gauge potentials in ultra-cold atomic gases
    Kawaguchi, Yuki Einstein-de Haas effect in dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates
    Kivshar, Yuri Self-trapped nonlinear matter waves in periodic potentials
    Kolovsky, Andrey Microscopic dynamics of Bose atoms in a parabolic lattice
    Komineas, Stavros Virial theorems and vortex states in a confined Bose-Einstein condensate
    Laburthe Tolra, Bruno Towards a quantum degenerate dipolar Bose-Fermi mixture: Simultaneous magneto-optical trapping of Fermionic 53Cr and Bosonic 52Cr
    Lupascu, Adrian Dispersive readout of a superconducting flux qubit
    Maletinsky, Patrick Knight field enabled optical pumping of quantum-dot nuclear spins
    Mariani, Eros Mott insulator-superfluid domains for confined BEC in optical lattices
    Müller, Cord Localization of matter waves in 2D-disordered optical potentials
    Muramatsu, Alejandro Numerically exact simulations for ultra-cold atoms in and out of equilibrium
    Ott, Herwig A scanning electron microscope for ultracold atoms
    Pedri, Paolo Dipolar gases
    Pollet, Lode Phase diagram of Bose-Fermi mixtures in one-dimensional optical lattices
    Ponomarev, Alexey Atomic current across an optical lattice
    Pupillo, Guido Phases of dipolar gases
    Recati, Alessio Induced interaction between two impurities in one dimensional Bose liquids
    Rizzi, Matteo Phase diagram of spin-1 bosons on one-dimensional lattices
    Rowen, Eitan The interplay between interference induced localization and many-body interactions in the Bose-Hubbard model in the presence of disorder or quasi-periodic modulations
    Spielman, Ian Bosons in optical lattices: Focus on 2D physics
    Syassen, Niels Feshbach molecules from an atomic Mott insulator
    Trauzettel, Björn Emission of polarization-entangled microwave photons from a pair of quantum dots
    Treutlein, Philipp Coupling a Bose-Einstein condensate to a nanomechanical resonator on an atom chip
    Weiss, Christoph Analog of Photon assisted tunneling of a Bose-Einstein condensate
    Widera, Artur Coherent collisional spin-dynamics in optical lattices
    Wimberger, Sandro Exact tunnelling rates for the nonlinear Wannier-Stark problem
    Winkler, Klaus Long-lived Feshbach molecules in a 3D optical lattice
    Zwierlein, Martin High-temperature superfluidity in an ultracold Fermi gas

    last update: March 21, 2006