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Lionel Barnett Information flow and phase transitions in complex systems June 17
John M. Beggs The impact of network structure on criticality in cortical circuits June 16
Carlo Cafaro Symbolic causation entropy June 27
Jaume Casademunt Noise focusing: The emergence of coherent activity in neuronal cultures June 17
Dante R. Chialvo The brain at the edge June 19
Reik Donner Geometric approaches to detecting coupling directions and synchronization - A complex network perspective June 19
Celso Grebogi Time-series based prediction of dynamical systems and complex networks June 17
Jan Kantelhardt The reconstruction of dynamical physiological networks from time series June 16
Stefan Kiebel Dynamic causal modelling for magneto- and electroencephalography June 18
Ljupco Kocarev Epidemic spreading on complex networks June 20
Christian Meisel Sleep, criticality and information processing in the brain June 17
Markus Müller Are epileptic seizures condensed sleep? June 18
Markus Müller How to orchestrate a football team? June 24
Ilya Nemenman Predictive information, adaptation, criticality, and all that June 19
Javier Orlandi Transfer entropy reconstruction of neuronal networks from calcium imaging data June 17
Milan Palus Cross-scale information transfer: Atmospheric dynamics June 17
Mason Porter Community structure in multilayer networks May 20
Michael Rosenblum Reconstructing effective phase connectivity of oscillator networks from observations June 19
Nicolas Rubido Network inference from time-series measurements June 10
Jakob Runge Quantifying causal interactions from time series of complex systems June 18
Tim Sauer Network inference from spike trains and time series June 17
Linda Sommerlade Assessing the strength of directed influences among neural signals: An approach to noisy data June 17
Jie Sun Causal network inference by optimal causation entropy June 16
Kris Vasudevan Insight into earthquake sequencing: A graph theoretic approach to modified Markov chain model June 13
Michal Zochowski From network dynamics to network structure and back June 17