Oral presentations of posters (1 - 2 transparencies per poster) are taking place on Tuesday, June 06

For each poster presentation one poster wall will be available.
These poster walls have the following size (don't feel obliged to really fill it):
Width: 97cm
Height: 250cm
Posters can be put up for the full duration of the workshop. Discussions during the breaks are encouraged.

John Adams Hall conductivity in dense plasma
Helga Boehm Pair excitations in Fermi Fluids
Frank Crowne Stochastic Electric Fields in Charge-Compensated Ferroelectrics: a Transverse-Ising Model Treatment
Carsten Fortman Spectral function for charged particles: GW and beyond
Shigeji Fujita Magnetic Oscillations in Susceptibility and Conductivity in 2D
Naoum Karchev Bound states of Cooper's pairs and Electrons in the Superconducting Phase of $MgB_2$
Arnold Kosevich Electric Properties of Bose-Condensate in a Degenerate Gas of Neutral Atoms
Karl Kürten Magnetization reversal in magnetic nanostructures: Stoner-wohlfahrt theory extended to anti-ferromagnets
Eduardo V. LudenaCorrelation effects in model system: The Hookean and Hooke-Calogero H2 molecule
Tofik Mamedov Depairing and Bose-Einstein- temperatures from a boson-fermion model of superconductors
Klaus Morawetz Birth of a quasiparticle - Femtosecond formation of collective modes
Klaus Morawetz What is hidden behind memory effects - Nonlocal kinetic theory
Yuichi Nakamura A non-Hermitian analysis of strongly correlated quantum systems
Satoshi Nishimoto Dynamics in one-dimensional spin systems
Thomas Raitza Reflectivity in dense Xe plasma
Heidi Reinholz X-ray Thomson scattering
Gerd Röpke Decoherence of Rydberg states
Andrea Sengebusch The Cl K α in dense plasma
Arkadiusz Wojs Quasiexcitons in photoluminescence of incompressible quantum liquids
Paul Ziesche The self-energy of the electron gas in its high-density limit.