Poster contributions

  • For each poster one poster wall will be available.

  • All posters will be on display for the whole workshop week.

  • The size of the poster walls is 185 cm (height) x 95 cm (width) (A0, Portrait).

  • The number in front of your name stands for the number of the poster wall reserved for you.

  • Magnets/double-sided tape will be provided.

  • Click on the poster title to see the abstract (if available).

  • 1 Basalyga, Gleb Large-scale computational model of cat primary visual cortex
    2 Bersagliere, Alessia Source localization of slow oscillations in the nonREM sleep EEG: effect of sleep deprivation
    3 Bertschinger, Nils A logic of brain dynamics
    4 Bonjean, Maxime Integrated multiscale modeling and empirical of human sleep spindles
    5 Csercsa, Richard Supragranular origin of slow sleep oscillations in the human frontal lobe
    6 Dresler, Martin Imaging transitions in consciousness: Neural correlates of lucid dreaming
    7 Figueroa, Carolina Sleep stage classification with linear discrminanant analysis
    8 Grand, Laszlo Cortical gating of auditory information processing in sleep
    9 Hens, Chittaranjan Dynamical complexity and synchronization in the brain of drug-addicted rat/mice
    10 Jeroncic, Ana Automatic spindle detector for infant data
    11 Lewandowski, Achim & Rosipal, Roman Continuous probabilistic modelling of the sleep process
    12 Markovic, Dimitrije Vertex routing models
    13 Ngo, Hong-Viet Victor Triggering bursts in all-to-all coupled neurons with global inhibition
    14 Petrovic, Cornelia Modelling brain activity during absence seizures in the framework of neural field equations
    15 Russo, Eleonora Toward a phase transition in the dynamic of thoughts
    16 Rusterholz, Thomas Dynamics of sleep homeostasis: A trait-like feature?
    17 Schumann, Aicko Yves Cross-modulated amplitudes and frequencies in the human EEG
    18 Taxidis, Ioannis Using partial directed coherence to assess cortico-hippocampal and intra-hippocampal connectivity under anaesthesia and kainic acid administration

    Last update: 26/06/2009