Spatially Resolved Raman Spectroscopy of Single- and Few-Layer Graphene

Klaus Ensslin

Physics Department, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

We present Raman spectroscopy measurements on single- and few-layer graphene flakes. Using a scanning confocal approach we collect spectral data with spatial resolution, which allows us to directly compare Raman images with scanning force micrographs from the same sample area. Single-layer graphene can be distinguished from double-and few-layer by examining the width and the intensity of Raman lines. We find that disorder within a flake is remarkably small compared to the edges of a flake by monitoring the intensity of the D line. Preliminary results of transport experiments on graphene flakes are presented.

This work was done in collaboration with D. Graf, F. Molitor, C. Stampfer, A. Jungen, C. Hierold, and L. Wirtz