Transport through quantum dots coupled to quantized electro-magnetic fields

Maxim Vavilov

Applied Physics, Yale University, New Haven, USA

Previous analysis of effects of electro-magnetic (EM) fields on transport through mesoscopic systems was performed within classical treatment of EM fields. In recently created quantum electric circuits this treatment is no longer applicable. I discuss how the electron transport through mesoscopic conductors is modified in the presence of such non-classical EM fields. Particularly, I analyze the limit when the EM field corresponds to low temperature thermal state and calculate electric current and its noise through a quantum dot placed in this field. I show that when electrons and the EM field have different temperatures, the electric current flows through the dot even at zero electric and thermal biases across the dot. This current is the manifestation of the thermoelectric effect due to the temperature difference between EM field and electron system. The magnitude and direction of this current can be used to measure the temperature of the EM field.