Last minute important information for participants and speakers

Dynamics Days Europe 2001

Dresden, Germany June 5-8, 2001

Organizers:  Holger Kantz, Klaus Richter, Thomas Schreiber

Dynamics Days Europe is a major international conference with a long tradition aimed at covering the entire field of dynamics and nonlinearity. The XXI-st event in this tradition will take place in Dresden, sponsored by the Max-Planck-Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems.

Plenary speakers

Henry Abarbanel Carlo Beenakker Eshel Ben-Jacob
Bernold Fiedler Haye Hinrichsen Jon Keating
Detlef Lohse Stefan Rahmstorf Ingo Rehberg
Francisco Varela

Minisymposia: Apart from the plenary talks of general interest, there will be 15 minisymposia of two hours duration each, containing invited and contributed talks. The topics of these sessions will be arranged such that for every participant there should be at least one topic of interest in each parallel session. Moreover, also talks in the minisymposia should more focus on general recent achievements in the field rather than on technical details.


space-time chaos, synchronisation Hugues Chaté
quantum chaos Thomas Dittrich
pattern formation, complex growth Heike Emmerich
biophysics Erwin Frey
soft matter Peter Grassberger
dynamical systems Celso Grebogi
applications in engineering Edvard Govekar
traffic and granular flow Dirk Helbing
nonequilibrium statistical mechanics Rainer Klages
neural and medical dynamics Jürgen Kurths
econophysics Rosario Nunzio Mantegna
semiclassics Bernhard Mehlig
turbulence Itamar Procaccia
stochastic processes Peter Reimann
time series analysis Lenny Smith

Contributed talks: A very limited number of contributed oral presentations will be accepted, either as part of one of the minisymposia or another parallel session.

Posters: Posters will be on display during the whole conference, but there will be also two special poster sessions.

Location: The sessions will take place in the new lecture hall centre of the Technical University of Dresden.

Schedule: The conference will start on Tuesday, June 5, at 9 am and end on Friday, June 8, at noon. The overall schedule has been outlined, a more complete schedule is available as a PS file.

Last minute important information for participants and speakers

Hotels: Participants are asked to make their own hotel arrangements. We have arranged special conditions with a number of places, please check the hotel list. Please observe the tight deadlines of the hotels, in particular the less expensive places. Early June is one of the most crowded times in tourist Dresden, so don't wait!

Main Sponsor: The conference will be sponsored by the Max-Planck-Institut für Physik komplexer Systeme, Dresden, both financially and logistically. The WILHELM UND ELSE HERAEUS-FÖRDERPROGRAMM of the German Physical Society has agreed to provide travel stipends.

Registration and Fees: Advance registration is now closed. Please register upon arrival. The following participation fees will cover access to the scientific sessions, the book of abstracts, lunch at four days, coffee breaks, and two evening buffets.

Participation fees

 until 28 Februaryafter 28 February
Regular500,- DEM600,- DEM
Student250,- DEM300,- DEM

The fee is to be paid in cash in Deutschmark upon arrival at the conference. Please do not attempt a bank transfer any more to avoid confusion at check-in time.



Hotel reservation: observe various early deadlines
Early registration: 28 February 2001
Submission of oral contributions: 28 February 2001
Inclusion in book of abstracts: 30 April 2001


Max-Planck-Institut für Physik komplexer Systeme
Nöthnitzer Str. 38
D-01187 Dresden

Tel: +49 351-871-2105
Fax: +49 351-871-2199

Financial Suport: There are two ways to obtain financial support for attending the conference. For both, the deadline for application is February 28, 2001.

  1. Support by the WILHELM UND ELSE HERAEUS-FÖRDERPROGRAMM: The WILHELM UND ELSE HERAEUS-FÖRDERPROGRAMM of the German Physical Society will generously provide financial support for up to 20 conference participants (diploma students, PhD students, postdocs). According to the regulations of the WILHELM UND ELSE HERAEUS stipends they will cover, at least partly, costs for accommodation, travel expenses, and conference fee. General reqirement for an application is an active contribution to the conference (talk or poster) and the membership of the German Physical Society.

    Applicants for such a WILHELM UND ELSE HERAEUS stipend are asked to fill the application form (used also for participation in the annual DPG spring meetings) which can be found in the September issue of Physikalische Blätter, 2000, Nr. 9, page 85) and to send the application form BY REGULAR MAIL to

    Visitors Program
    - Dynamics Days Europe 2001 -
    Max-Planck-Institut für Physik komplexer Systeme
    Nöthnitzer Str. 38
    D-01187 Dresden
    Please, do NOT send the application directly to the DPG. This application does not replace the regular (electronic) registration for the conference which has to be done additionally. The organizing committee will decide upon the applications. Early applications will be considered preferentially and notification will be given as soon as possible.

  2. Support for housing by MPI-PKS: The MAX-PLANCK-INSTITUT FÜR PHYSIK KOMPLEXER SYSTEME will provide housing for a limited number of participants who contribute with a talk or poster to the conference and who cannot obtain financial support for housing from other sources. Please indicate your application for housing in the electronic registration form and give a brief justification. Early applications will be considered preferentially and notification will be given as soon as possible.

    Note: The deadline for application for housing support has expired, all available rooms are taken.