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International Workshop and Seminar on


and other recent advances in Numerical Renormalization Group Methods

Dresden, Germany August 24 - September 18, 1998

Scientific coordinators:
Karen Hallberg Reinhard Noack Xiaoqun Wang
Centro Atómico Univ. de Fribourg IRRMA
Bariloche, Argentina Fribourg, Switzerland Lausanne, Switzerland

In the five years since its development, the Density-Matrix Renormalization Group has become one of the most powerful methods for determining the low-energy properties of many quasi-one-dimensional strongly interacting systems. Recently, there have been important improvements to this technique, as well as extensions to different problems such as two-dimensional classical systems, quantum systems at finite temperature and in higher dimensions, and the calculation of dynamical properties.

The aim of the seminar, which will extend over the full four-week period, is to provide a pedagogical introduction to the techniques for students and young researchers, as well as to provide an opportunity to work directly with the methods using the computational facilities at the Max-Planck-Institute. Topics of the pedagogical lectures will include the Wilson numerical RG for impurity problems, the numerical RG for noninteracting systems, DMRG for quantum spin systems, applications of the DMRG to classical systems, and transfer-matrix DMRG for quantum systems at finite temperature.

The workshop will take place from September 1 to 10. It will focus on more advanced topics and on applications, and will include additional participants who are active researchers in the field.

Lecturers and speakers include:
E. Carlon (Leuven, Belgium) T. Costi (Karlsruhe, Germany)
A. Drzewinski (Warsaw, Poland) E. Jeckelman (Irvine, USA)
H.S. Krishnamurthy (Bangalore, India) S. Liang (Ames, USA)
M.A. Martin-Delgado (Madrid, Spain) S. Moukouri (Sherbrooke, Canada)
T. Nishino (Kobe, Japan) I. Peschel (Berlin, Germany)
S.J. Qin (Beijing, China) S. Ramasesha (Bangalore, India)
S. Rommer (Goteborg, Sweden) P. Schmitteckert (Waghaeusel, Germany)
U. Schollwöck (Munich, Germany) N. Shibata (Tokyo, Japan)
G. Sierra (Madrid, Spain) S.R. White (Irvine, USA)
T. Xiang (Cambridge, UK)    

Applications for participation should be sent to the address below. Application forms are available upon request or on the conference web page. The registration fee is DM 150. Costs for accommodation and lunch will be covered by the Max-Planck-Institute. In exceptional cases, limited funding is available to partly cover travel expenses.

Deadline for applications is May 15, 1998.

For further information and application forms please contact:
Visitors Program
Max-Planck-Institut für Physik komplexer Systeme,
Nöthnitzer Str. 38, D-01187 Dresden
Tel.: +49-351-871-2105 / Fax: +49-351-871-2199

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