Dresden, Germany $\;\;\bullet\;\;$ March 30 - June 15, 1999

Scientific Coordinators:

Yoram Alhassid    Bernhard Mehlig    Michael Wilkinson
(Yale, USA)      (MPIPKS-Dresden, Germany) (Strathclyde, UK)

There has been considerable progress in recent years in recognizing that most complex quantum systems have spectra and eigenfunctions that exhibit universal features, exemplified by random matrix models. This viewpoint has been successfully used to analyze systems as diverse as disordered solids, interacting many-body systems, and systems with chaotic classical dynamics.
Recently, attention has focused on the dynamical properties of complex systems in the expectation of finding a similar degree of universality in their long-time behavior. There is a wide variety of mechanisms that can determine the dynamical behavior of complex systems; in many cases the fundamental physics is not fully understood.
Most applications of random matrix theories have been to single-particle dynamics, and it is desirable to understand how random matrix approaches must be revised when two-body interactions or coupling to phonons are included. There are many outstanding problems in this area, concerning modification of both the spectral properties and the long-time dynamics.
The purpose of the seminar is to bring together leading researchers who have investigated the dynamics of complex systems from viewpoints, including random matrix, semiclassical, and many-body approaches. During the seminar, a one-week workshop will take place.

Preliminary list of invited participants:

  S. Aberg
  O. Agam
  B. Altshuler$^\ast$
  A. Andreev
  J. Avron
  H. Baranger$^\ast$
  C. Beenakker
  R. Berkovits
  S. Berry$^\ast$
  G. Bertsch
  Y. Blanter
  O. Bohigas
  P. Brouwer

  A. Bulgac
  J. Chalker
  D. Cohen
  I. Dana
  B. Eckhardt$^\ast$
  K. Efetov
  V. Fal'ko
  M. Feingold
  S. Fishman
  K. Frahm
  H. Frisk
  Y. Fyodorov
  Y. Gefen

  B. Georgeot
  M. Gutzwiller
  F. Haake$^\ast$
  J. Hannay
  E. Heller$^\ast$
  Y. Imry
  F. Izrailev
  R. Jalabert
  C. Jarzynski
  J. Keating$^\ast$
  N. Kumar
  D. Kusnezov
  P. Leboeuf

  C. Marcus$^\ast$
  P. Mello
  W. Miller
  A. Mirlin
  G. Mitchell
  G. Montambaux
  M. Morgan
  B. Mottelson
  A. Ozorio de Almeida
  J-L. Pichard
  R. Prange
  V. Prigodin$^\ast$
  W. Reinhard$^\ast$

  A. Richter
  J. Robbins
  M. Robnik
  D. Shepelyansky
  B. Shklovskii
  P. Shukla
  U. Smilansky$^\ast$
  P. Stamp
  H.-J. Stöckmann
  D. Stone
  S. Tomsovic
  N. Whelan
  V. Zelevinsky

$^\ast$To be confirmed.

Participation is mainly by invitation, although a limited number of additional applications will be considered. Costs for accommodation and meals will be covered by the MPI for the Physics of Complex Systems. Limited funding to partially cover travel expenses is available upon request.

Deadline for applications is January 15th, 1999

For further information please contact:

Max-Planck-Institut für Physik komplexer Systeme
Nöthnitzer Str. 38, D-01187 Dresden, Germany
Tel: +49-351-871-2105, Fax: +49-351-871-2199
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