Poster presentations

1. Ahn/Richter Addition spectra of chaotic quantum dots: Interplay between interactions and geometry
2. Braun, Daniel Semiclassics for dissipative quantum maps
3. Cain, Philipp Off-diagonal disorder in the three-dimensional Anderson-model of localization
4. Castella, Hervé Ideal conductance in interacting electron system
5. Frisk, Hans On the motion of zeroes to zeta functions
6. Frustaglia/Hentschel/Richter Ballistic transport in non-uniform magnetic fields:
    (weak localization and Berry phases)
7. Georgeot, Bertrand Integrability and quantum chaos in spin glass sherds
8. Gutkin, Boris Hyperbolic billiards on surfaces of constant currature in the presence of magnetic field
9. Hackenbroich, Gregor Semiclassical theory of the emission of dielectric optical cavities
10. Heine/Hofferbert/Rehfeld Quantum chaos and wavedynamical chaos in superconducting two-
    and three-dimensional microwave billiards
11. Henseler, Michael Signatures of chaos and tunneling in AC-Driven quantum scattering
12. Hornberger, Klaus Interior and exterior edge states in magnetic billiards
13. Ihra, Wolfgang Fingerprints of classical dynamics in Andreev billiards
14. Kolovsky, Andrey 1D Model of crystal electron in AC and DC field: statistics of lifetime
15. Jacquod, Philippe Metal-insulator transition in disordered interacting systems
16. Kottos/Smilansky Chaotic scattering on graphs
17. Kuhl, Ulrich Microwave transmission spectra in regular and irregular 1-dimensional scattering
18. Lutz, Eric Universality of quantum Brownian motion
19. Malhotra, Swati A model of spectral scrambling in quantum dots using Gaussian Processes
20. Méndez, Rafael Spectral statistics: from quantum poincaré maps to Hamiltonians
21. Milde, Frank Anisotropic hopping in the Anderson model of localization
22. Ostruszka, Andrzej Dynamics entropy in systems with stochastic perturbation
23. Pakonski, Prot Semiclassics with Baker map on the Sphere
24. Persson, Emil Open microwave cavities
25. Pollner, Peter Statistical weight of periodic orbit bifurcations
26. Römer, Rudo Two interacting particles in two dimensional random potentials
27. Schanz, Holger Classical and quantum correlations in graphs
28. Shukla, Pragya Eigenvalue correlations for banded matrices
29. Sieber, Martin Diffraction on a flux line in billiard systems
30. Uski, Ville Incipient localisation in the Anderson model
31. Varga, Imre One-parameter superscaling at the metal-insulator transition
    in three dimensions
32. Villagonzolo, Cristine Nondivergent thermopower at the Anderson transition
33. Yamada, Hiroaki Dynamical property in one-dimensional disordered system with oscillatory
34. Yevtushenko, Oleg Ballistic weak localization in antidots arrays

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