List of poster contributions

  • For each poster one poster wall will be available.

  • All posters will be on display for the whole workshop week.

  • The size of the poster walls is 185 cm (height) x 95 cm (width) (A0, Portrait).

  • The number in front of your name stands for the number of the poster wall reserved for you.

  • Magnets/double-sided tape will be provided.

  • Click on the poster title to see the abstract (if available).

  • 1 Anugraha Nur Qomaru Zaman, Rinto A new topological defect in soft-mode turbulence
    2 Anugraha Nur Qomaru Zaman, Rinto Hidden order in a spatiotemporal chaotic system
    3 Basnarkov, Lasko Phase transitions in systems of coupled phase oscillators
    4 Beims, Marcus Werner Energy redistribution in higher dimensions and chaotic motion
    5 Benczik, Izabella J. Modeling phase separation under slow cooling
    6 Dana, Syamal Targetting a desired synchronization in coupled chaotic oscillators: Theory and experiment
    7 - canceled
    8 Emelianova, Julia Internal and external synchronization of self-oscillating oscillators with non- identical control parameters
    9 Fregolente Mendes de Oliveira, Diego On the dynamical properties of a time-dependent oval billiard
    10 Glaßmeier, Franziska A billiard model for wet granular matter: Acceleration, lifetimes, and transients
    11 Gomez, Breogan & Reich, Hendrik Radiance assimilation experiments using LETKF. First approach at DWD.
    12 Hallerberg, Sarah Structure of Bred vectors in spatio-temporal chaos
    13 Honisch, Christoph Identification of order parameters and manifolds for stochastic systems from data
    14 Kharchenko, Vasiliy Chaos in a generalized Lorenz system
    15 Marschler, Christian Lifetimes and Lyapunov modes of a coupled-map lattice model for turbulent pipe flow
    16 Mendoza, Carolina The geometry of ocean mixing
    17 Perlikowski, Przemyslav Routes to complex dynamics
    18 Romero-Bastida, Mauricio Lyapunov exponents for various thermodynamic conditions in Lennard-Jones fluids
    19 - canceled
    20 Szendro Terán, Ivan Georg Investigating Lyapunov spectra of spatially extended symplectic systems in the continuum limit by means of Langevin-type equations
    21 Trevisan, Anna The extended Kalman filter and its application to chaotic systems: Consequences of the existence of stable and unstable manifolds
    22 Uboldi, Francesco Inspecting the trajectory instabilities of a convection-resolving model
    23 Wackerbauer, Renate A regular network of coupled ice-ocean dynamical elements

    Last update: 01/02/2010