Poster presentations

The posters will be posted close to the conference room during the whole time of the symposium.
The specific poster sessions are taking place on June 15, 15:00 - 18:00 and June 17, starting 20:00.

For each poster presentation one poster wall will be available. These poster walls have the following size:
Width: 80cm
Height: 70cm

1 Subhashish Banerjee Decoherence and dissipation of an open quantum system with a squeezed and frequency-modulated heat bath
2 Andre Ribeiro de Carvalho to be announced
3 Ravindra Chhajlany Characterization of maximally entangled bases
4 Dariusz Chruscinski Phase space approach to Berry phases
5 Rafal Demkowicz-Dobrzanski High entangling power in a non-chaotic regime: The study of coupled kicked tops
6 Klaus Dietz Decoherence by Lindblad motion
7 Jochen Endrejat Measurement and classification of entanglement in 3- and 4-qubit Heisenberg chains
8 Asa Ericsson Unistochastic matrices
9 Roman Gielerak Models of imperfect Bose gas with Bose-Einstein condensate: Rigorous results
10 Andrzej Grudka How to encode the states of two non-entangled qubits in one qutrit
11 Marta Gutiérrez Chaotic Hamiltonian pumps
12 Andrzej Jamiolkowski to be announced
13 Gen Kimura Positive maps in matrix algebras induced by affine maps of unit ball in 1#1
14 Dennis Kretschmann Quantum channels with memory
15 Ole Krüger Gaussian quantum cellular automata
16 Marian Kupczynski Entanglement and Bell inequalities
17 Wieslaw Leonski Quantum scissors and Bell inequality violation for the nonlinear coupler systems
18 Takashi Matsuoka Note on entangled operators
19 Marcin Musz Unitary quantum gates: A measure theoretic approach
20 Arkadiusz Orlowski Coherence and decoherence effects in multiple scattering
21 Roman Orus Universality of entanglement and quantum computation complexity
22 Thomas Radtke Quantum computer simulation with Maple
23 Enrique Rico Ortega Entanglement in quantum spin chains
24 Vyacheslav Shatokhin Saturation effects in coherent backscattering of light by cold atoms within a full vector model: Application to Strontium atoms
25 Yishai Shimoni Evaluating entanglement during the quantum search algorithm
26 Magdalena Sinolecka Manifolds of interconvertible unitary and orthogonal matrices
27 Jan Slawianowski Quasiclassical aspects of quantum information
28 Tomasz Sowinski to be announced
29 Ryszard Tanas Entanglement of two atoms
30 Shashank Virmani Efficient classical simulation and noise
31 Carlos Viviescas Laser in cavities with overlapping resonances: A quantum theory
32 Marcin Wiesniak Noise robustness of the W states
33 Jacek Zatorski Entanglement of the electromagnetic vacuum
34 Mario Ziman POVMs on measurement-assisted quantum processors

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