Poster Contributions

Format for poster presentation
For each poster presentation one poster wall will be available.
These poster walls have the following size:
width= 97 cm
height= 250cm

1 Christophe Berthod STS imaging of vortices: the effect of local potentials
2 Gregory Braverman Scaling properties of HTSC with columnar defects in the regime
    of critical fluctuations
3 Hans Fangohr Molecular dynamics simulations of driven vortex systems in the
    presence of a transverse force
4 Alexander Galkin Dispersion and friction in the Abrikosov vortex dynamics
5 Vsevolod Gantmakher Dissipation below the critical field of the filed-induced
    superconductor-insulator transition in amorphous In-O films
6 Alexander Gerber High field breakdown of the critical state in high temperature
7 Koichi Izawa Resistive upper critical field and microwave flux folwo resistivity
    of overdoped Tl2Ba2CuODelta+6
8 Yakov Kopelevich Graphite: a possible "hot" superconductor?
9 Alexander Kordyuk Compact vortex structures penetration through the surface in HTS
10 Matthew Lilley to be announced
11 Igor Lukyanchuk Dislocated twist grain boundary phases in liquid crystalls -
    an analog of vortex state in unconventional superconductors
12 Jean-Francois de Marneffe Study of the vortex dynamics in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+x epitaxial thin
    films deep below the irreversibility line
13 Alexander Moskvin Topological defects in electron-hole Bose-liquid of quasi-2D
14 Marek Pekala Magnetotransport studies of HTSC
15 Ildiko Pethes High current differential resistance in BSCCO single crystal
16 Konstantin Pigalskiy Near surface vibratory motion of vortices under the AC magnetic field of low frequency and small amplitude
17 Konstantin Pigalskiy Nonlinear and linear AC response of the vortices in the grains of Bi(Pb)-2223 polycrystal
18 Reinhard Prix Vortices in neutron stars
19 Alexander Protogenov Chern-Simons correlations and structure of vortices on
    (2+1)D lattice
20 Nilay Saha Magneto-optical and decoration study of flux pinning in
21 Oskar Vafek The nature of quasiparticles in unconventional superconductors