International workshop on

Magnetism and Superconductivity in Highly Correlated Electron Systems ("GJM")

Dresden, Germany July 06 - 10, 1998

Scientific Coordinators:

T. Fujita, G. Güntherodt, Y. Kuramoto and P. Wölfle

This 5th Bilateral German-Japanese Seminar on highly correlated electron systems will focus on recent developments in the field. The program will cover in particular superconductivity in the cuprates and in heavy fermion systems, charge and orbital ordering phenomena in 3d and 4f systems, spin systems and itinerant electron systems of reduced dimensionality, magnetism in correlated electron systems and its interplay with superconductivity, quantum

Preliminary List of Participants:

Y. Endoh (Tohoku University)
J. Fink (Technische Universität Dresden)
A. Fujimori (University of Tokyo)
H. Fukuyama (University of Tokyo)
T. Fujita (Hiroshima University)
P. Fulde (MPIPKS, Dresden)
C. Geibel (MPICPFS, Dresden)
G. Güntherodt (RWTH Aachen)
W. Hanke (Würzburg University)
S. Hüfner (Saarbrücken University)
N. Kawakami (Osaka University)
H. Keiter (Dortmund University)
J. Keller (Regensburg University)
Y. Kitaoka (Osaka University)
Y. Kuramoto (Tohoku University)
A. Loidl (Augsburg University)
B. Lüthi (Frankfurt/Main University)
H. Monien (Bonn University)
E. Müller-Hartmann (Köln University)
A. Muramatsu (Stuttgart University)
Y. Onuki (Osaka University)
T. Sakakibara (Hokkaido University)
K. Schönhammer (Göttingen University)
H. Shiba (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
F. Steglich (MPICPFS, Dresden)
K. Ueda (ISSP, Tokyo)
H. v. Löhneysen (Karlsruhe University)
D. Vollhardt (Augsburg University)
P. Wölfle (Karlsruhe University)
J. Zittartz (Köln University)

Participation is mainly by invitation, however a limited number of additional applications will be considered. The registration fee is DM 150. Costs for accommodation and lunch will be covered by the MPI for Physics of Complex Systems. Limited funding to partially cover travel expenses is available upon request.


For further information please contact:

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