Jörg Götte

Guest Scientist MPI-PKS • Newton Alumnus

About me

I am a Guest Scientist at the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems and a Newton Alumnus of the Royal Society. My research interest is the spatial structure and mechanical properties of wave fields in classical and quantum optics.

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Latest news

Our work on a matter-wave grating, which is able to distinguish conservative and dissipative interactions, has been published in Physical Review A.

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Current affiliation

Max-Planck-Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems
Noethnitzer Str. 38
01187 Dresden

+49 351 871 2212

JBG at University of Bristol

I am currently a senior researcher at the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems (MPI-PKS) in Dresden, Germany. My work is supported by the Royal Society via the Alumnus scheme of the International Newton Fellowship, and the QuILMI (Quantum Integrated Light and Matter interface) project.

My expertise spans several areas of optics, reaching from singular optics and the study of the topology of wave fields, to nonlinear optics and quantum optics. An important aspect of my work is the dynamics in the interplay between spin and angular momentum in general fields. In particular I am working on:

  • Singular and topological optics
  • Focussed fields and nano-optics
  • Light matter interactions based on angular momentum transfer
  • Spatial and temporal pulse shaping in nonlinear optics
  • Optical beam shift effects
  • Quantum and atom optics for information technologies
  • Electron vortices

Armen Hayrapetyan joined my team in July 2014, and Koen Corstiaan van Kruining has been studying for his PhD with us since September 2014. A former team member, Matt Coles, is now working as a postdoc at the Imperial College in London.

At the MPI-PKS I am affiliated to the group of Thomas Pohl, and I work with him on the importance of optical spin-orbit coupling for light matter interactions. I collaborate frequently with Professor Mark Dennis from the University of Bristol, Dr Sonja Franke-Arnold from the University of Glasgow and Dr Wolfgang Löffler from Leiden University.

DPG Symposium DPG Symposium on Interactions between twisted light and particles, 27 March 2015, DPG Frühjahrstagung, Sektion AMOP, Heidelberg.

Selected publications

LB Ma, SL Li, VM Fomin, M Hentschel, JB Götte, Y Yin, M R Jorgensen and OG Schmidt, Spin-orbit coupling of light in asymmetric microcavities, Nature Communications 7, 10983 (2016)

N Radwell, R Hawley, JB Götte and S Franke-Arnold, Achromatic vector vortex beams from a glass cone, Nature Communications 7, 10564 (2016)

JB Götte, W Löffler and MR Dennis, Eigenpolarizations for giant transverse optical beam shifts, Physical Review Letters 112, 233901 (2014)

R Kammel, R Ackermann, J Thomas, J Götte, S Skupin, A Tünnermann and S Nolte, Enhancing precision in fs-laser material processing by simultaneous spatial and temporal focusing, Light: Science & Applications 3, e169 (2014)

MR Dennis and JB Götte, Topological Aberration of Optical Vortex Beams and Singularimetry of Dielectric Interfaces, Physical Review Letters 109, 183903 (2012)