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  Joachim Brand

PKS Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow

Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems
Noethnitzer Strasse 38
01187 Dresden, Germany
Voice: +49 351 871 1121
FAX: +49 351 871 1999



A Svortex in a toroidal trap
Svortex: a nonlinear excitation interpolating a vortex and a soliton

Moving to Kiwiland!Kiwi
Address from June 2006:
Centre of Theoretical Chemistry and Physics
Institute of Fundamental Sciences
Massey University Auckland
Private Bag 102904
North Shore MSC, Auckland

BEC soliton interacting with thermal atoms BEC solitons in a thermal cloud are predicted to experience  friction and diffusive motion. Read recent PRL article!

BEC bright solitons may be quantum reflected from an attractive potential well. Read recent EPL article!

Exerimentally observed shells and simulations

Collisions of solitons and vortex rings in BECs produce complex hybrid structures! Read on ...

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