Downloadable Programs

H. Kantz and T. Schreiber
Nonlinear time series analysis

Cambridge University Press (1997)

For the convenience of the readers of our book (if any), the programs listed there can also be downloaded from this server, either as FORTRAN or as C subroutines. None of the programs you will find below will be of any use to you without carefully studying the descriptions and discussions in the book. As with any scientific publication, you are welcome to use this material at your own risk. There is no warranty of any kind whatsoever connected to the programs and algorithms.

-General definitions- header.c
B.1Simple prediction fclazy.f fclazy.c
B.2Utilities for box-assisted neighbour search base.f, neigh.f base.c, neigh.c
B.3Simple noise reduction nrlazy.f nrlazy.c
B.4Maximal Lyapunov exponent lyap.f lyap.c
B.5Correlation sum correl.f correl.c
B.6Space time separation plot stplot.f stplot.c
B.7Noise reduction with local projections clean.f clean.c
B.8Information dimension, fixed mass algorithm d1.f d1.c
BAll of the above in one file all.f all.c

There is also a downloadable FORTRAN program described in
T. Schreiber, Extremely Simple Nonlinear Noise Reduction Method, Phys. Rev. E 47, 2401 (1993)

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