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Preliminary Programme

LOCNET Network Submeeting on
''Excitations in Josephson junction ladders''

Monday, 11/20/00 01:00pm Luis Mario Floría Dissipative breathers in the Frenkel-Kontorova model
  01:45pm Juan José Mazo Analysis of discrete breathers in the Josephson-junction ladder
  02:30pm COFFEE BREAK  
  03:00pm Mikhail Fistul Voltage patterns in Josephson junction ladders:
      surface dynamic localized states
  04:30pm Institutes Colloquium:  
    P. Lambropoulis Two- and Three Electron Atoms driven by Laser Fields
  08:00pm DINNER  
Tuesday, 11/21/00 09:30am Peter Binder Measurements of discrete breathers in ladders with
      different anisotropy
  10:15am Marcus Schuster Measurements of external field influence on rotobreathers
  11:00am COFFEE BREAK  
  11:30am Yaroslav Zolotaryuk Stability properties of rotobreathers in an annular ladder
      of Josephson junctions
  12:15am LUNCH  
  01:00pm Abdelhadi Benabdallah One plaquette Josephson junction breathers:
      a systematic analysis
  01:45pm Andrey Miroshnichenko Improved linear analysis and current research topics
  02:30pm COFFEE BREAK  
  03:00pm Alexej Ustinov concluding remarks

Stand: 11/14/2000

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