Poster Contributions

For each poster presentation one poster wall will be available.
These poster walls have the following size (don't feel obliged to really fill it):
Width: 97cm
Height: 250cm
Posters can be put up for the full duration of the workshop and seminar. Discussions during the breaks are encouraged.

Yat-Yin AuFerromagnetic resonance of individual magnetic double layers microwires
J.P. Baltanas & Diego FrustagliaSpin-waves in diluted-magnetic-semiconductor superlattices
Markus BolteThe dynamics of magnetic vortices
Pavel BondarenkoNonlinear collective dynamics and discrete solitons for magnetic dot arrays
Matthias BuchmeierIntensity of Brillouin light scattering from spin waves in magnetic multilayers with noncollinear spin configurations: Theory and experiment
Matthias Buchmeier & Vladislav DemidovKinetics and Bose-Einstein condensation of quasi-equilibrium magnons at RT
Andrii ChumakParametrical recovery of a spin-wave signal stored in a magnonic crystal
Gyorgy CsabaComputing devices from magnetic multilayers
Vladislav Demidov1. Anomalous nonlinear self-modulation of spin-wave beams in microscopic stripes
 2. Control of propagating spin waves in microscopic waveguides with variable width
Mykola DvornikNormal spin wave modes in arrays of magnetic nanoelements: Micromagnetic calculations
Matteo FranchinCurrent-driven dynamics of domain walls constrained in ferromagnetic nanopillars
Pietro GambardellaDouble resonant x-ray and microwave absorption: Atomic spectroscopy of precessional orbital and spin dynamics
Rashid GareevAntiferromagnetic coupling in Fe/Si/Fe structures with Co "dusting" layers
Euan HendrySurface plasmons at THz frequencies
Boris IvanovNon-linear dynamics for radially symmetric excitations of vortex state ferromagnetic disks
Volker KegelMultiple spin-wave pulse recovery by parallel pumping
Alexander KhitunMagnetic cellular automata with spin wave bus for special task data processing
Dmitry KholinTemperature dependence of interlayer exchange coupling in Fe/Si/Fe tri-layers
Roman KhymynNontopological solitons in two-dimensional S=1 isotropic ferromagnets with biquadratic interaction
Nikolai KiselevMultilayers with perpendicular anisotropy and interlayer exchange coupling as a novel type of synthetic metamagnets
Tetyana LaptyevaThe surface elastostatic magnonic excitation of 2D magnetic heterostructure
Kristof LebeckiNanowires with perpendicular crystallographic anisotropy - micromagnetic simulations
Benjamin LenkWays to magnonic crystals: Studies with a femtosecond pump-probe technique
Marco MadamiSetup of a new Brillouin light scattering apparatus with submicrometric lateral resolution and its application to the study of spin modes in nanomagnets
Gennadii MelkovEvolution of parametric magnon condensate after pumping is switched off
Rostislav MikhaylovskiyReversed Cherenkov emission of terahertz waves from an ultrashort laser pulse in a sandwich structure with nonlinear core and left-handed cladding
Sebastian NeusserSpin dynamics in ferromagnetic antidot lattices
Feodor OgrinSelf-assembly arrays for magnonic applications
Philipp PirroA spin-wave frequency doubler by oscillating domain walls
Nikolay PolushkinThe effect of standing microwave fields in structured ferromagnet-semiconductor hybrids for quantum information processing
Anil PrabhakarCharge and spin decay lengths in periodic metallic nanopillars
Shivaraman RamaswamyMagnetic properties of nanometer scale FeCr antidot array system
David Rodriguez & Diego FrustagliaCollective excitations in carrier-mediated spin chains
Christian SandwegTwo-dimensional wave-vector resolution in Brillouin light scattering spectroscopy
Claus M. SchneiderSpin torque oscillators: Vortex state versus uniform magnetization
Alexander SergaNon-diffractive spin-wave beams
Surender Kumar SharmaLocal structure, optical and magnetic studies of Ni nanostructures embedded in SiO2 matrix by ion implantation
Evgeny SirotkinUse of etched nano-sphere lithography for fabrication of large area magnonic crystals
Wojciech SmigajMagnetophotonic cavities optimized for operation in uniform external magnetic field
Robert StampsEffective medium method for multiferroic composite materials
Andrey StashkevichDipole-exchange modes in nickel nano-wires: Brillouin light scattering study
Silvia TacchiMagnetic properties of Fe deposited on a MnAs/GaAs (001) template
Alexander ZakrassovControlling the anisotropic magnetic dipolar interactions of PbSe self-assembled nanoparticles on GaAs

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