Martin Zápotocký

Department of Biological Physics
Max Planck Institute for Physics of Complex Systems
Nöthnitzer Straße 38
01187 Dresden, Germany

Office: 1B08

Tel.     +49 351 871 1208
Fax:    +49 351 871 1299
Secr.:  +49 351 871 1204

Biological Physics of Olfaction: from Genes to Networks

Figure: Glomerular convergence in the mouse olfactory system

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Figure: Combinatorial coding of odor information in the antennal lobe of honeybees

Current research interests:

Selected publications:

A.Vassalli,  A. Rothman,  P. Feinstein,  M. Zapotocky,  P. Mombaerts:
Minigenes impart odorant receptor-specific axon guidance
in the olfactory bulb.
Neuron 35,  681-696 (2002).

N. Rajewsky, N. D. Socci, M. Zapotocky,  E. D. Siggia:
The evolution of DNA regulatory regions for proteo-gamma bacteria
by interspecies comparisons.
Genome Research 12, 298-308 (2002).

M. Zapotocky,  L. Ramos,  P. Poulin,  D. A. Weitz, T. C. Lubensky:
Particle-stabilized defect gel in cholesteric liquid crystals.
Science 283, 209-212 (1999).

A. D. Rutenberg, W. J. Zakrzewski,  M. Zapotocky:
Dynamical multiscaling in quenched Skyrme systems.
Europhysics Letters 39,  49-54 (1997).

M. Zapotocky,  D. L. Maslov,  P. M. Goldbart:
Induction of non--d-wave order-parameter components
by currents in d-wave superconductors.
Physical Review B1 55,  6599-6604 (1997).

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