3.8. Finding Help and Information About OpenOffice.org

OpenOffice.org contains extensive online help. In addition, a large community of users and developers support it. As a result, it is seldom hard to find help or information about using the OpenOffice.org. The following table shows some of the places where you can go for additional information. (Because Web sites often close or their content changes, the information in the following table might not be current when you read it.)

Table 3.5. Where to Get Information About OpenOffice.org


What You Can Find

OpenOffice.org online help menu

Extensive help on performing any task in OpenOffice.org

Official OpenOffice.org support page

Manuals, tutorials, user and developer forums, users@openoffice.org mailing list, FAQs, and much more

OpenOffice.org Migration Guide

Information about migrating to OpenOffice.org from other office suites, including Microsoft Office

Taming OpenOffice.org

Books, news, tips and tricks

OpenOffice.org Macros

Extensive information about creating and using macros