3.6. Creating Graphics with Draw

Use OpenOffice.org Draw to create graphics and diagrams. You can save your drawings in today’s most common formats and import them into any application that lets you import graphics, including the other OpenOffice.org modules. You can also create Flash versions of your drawings.

The OpenOffice.org documentation contains complete instructions on using Draw. See Section 3.8, “Finding Help and Information About OpenOffice.org” for more information.

To use a Draw graphic in a document:

  1. Open Draw, then create the graphic.

  2. Save the graphic.

  3. Copy the graphic and paste it into the document, or insert the graphic directly from the document.

One particularly useful feature of Draw is the ability to open it from other OpenOffice.org modules so you can create a drawing that is automatically imported into your document.

  1. From an OpenOffice.org module (for example, from Writer), click Insert+Object+OLE Object+OpenOffice.org 2.0 Drawing+OK.

    This opens Draw.

  2. Create your drawing.

  3. Click in your document, outside the Draw frame.

    The drawing is automatically inserted into your document.