4.2. Building AppArmor Profiles

The AppArmor module profile definitions are stored in the /etc/apparmor.d directory as plain text files. For a detailed description of the syntax of these files, refer to Kapitel 2, Profile Components and Syntax.

All files in the /etc/apparmor.d directory are interpreted as profiles and are loaded as such. Renaming files in that directory is not an effective way of preventing profiles from being loaded. You must remove profiles from this directory to prevent them from being read and evaluated effectively.

You can use a text editor, such as vim, to access and make changes to these profiles. The following options contain detailed steps for building profiles:

Adding or Creating AppArmor Profiles

Refer to Abschnitt 4.3, „Adding or Creating an AppArmor Profile“

Editing AppArmor Profiles

Refer to Abschnitt 4.4, „Editing an AppArmor Profile“

Deleting AppArmor Profiles

Refer to Abschnitt 4.5, „Deleting an AppArmor Profile“