Kapitel 11. Getting Started with BasKet


11.1. Creating Baskets
11.2. Working with Baskets
11.3. For More Information

BasKet is a note-taking application that allows you to collect and sort all kind of data. It helps with writing down your ideas, making to do lists, and allocating your contacts. You can sort the data in hierarchies and share it with other people. If needed, you can even protect some of your baskets with passwords.

11.1. Creating Baskets

A basket is a document in which you can place notes. Create baskets that include different topics, contents, or projects and give each its own layout.

  1. To start BasKet, open a shell with Alt-F2 and enter basket.

  2. To create a basket, select Basket+New+New Basket.

  3. Enter a name for your basket and select a template for its column structure.

  4. The basket tree on the left side shows all your baskets.

    Right-click a basket in the tree and select Properties to give it a special appearance (background color or image and text color), change its disposition (column format), or create a shortcut for it.

Abbildung 11.1. Basket in Use

Basket in Use

[Note]Saving your Baskets

There is no need to save your work. It is saved automatically.

To assure a clearly arranged structure, you may want to create sibling baskets or sub-baskets as well. You can do this by selecting Basket+New+New Sub-Basket. The sub-basket appears one level down the parent basket. By selecting Basket+New+New Sibling-Basket you create a basket in the same level as the parent basket. In both cases the new baskets inherit the appearance and disposition from their parent baskets.