Kapitel 9. Encryption with KGpg


9.1. Why Signing and Encrypting?
9.2. Generating a New Key Pair
9.3. Exporting the Public Key
9.4. Importing Keys
9.5. The Key Server Dialog
9.6. Text and File Encryption
9.7. For More Information

KGpg is an important component of the encryption infrastructure on your system. This program helps you to generate and manage all needed keys. Use its editor function for the quick creation and encryption of files or use the applet in your panel to encrypt or decrypt by dragging and dropping. Other programs, such as your mail program (Kontact or Evolution), access the key data to process signed or encrypted contents. This chapter covers the basic functions needed for daily work with encrypted files.

9.1. Why Signing and Encrypting?


Signing means attaching electronic signatures to mails or even software to prove its correct derivation. To avoid that someone writes mails using your name and to protect both you and the people you send them to, you should sign your mails. Signatures help you to easily check the sender of the mails you receive and to distinguish good-natured mails from malicious.

Software developers sign their software so you are able to check its integrity. Even if you have the software from an unofficial server, you can verify the package with the signature.


You might have sensitive information you want to protect from other parties. Encrypting helps you to transform data and make it unreadable for others. This is important for companies it is important to protect internal information as well as their employees' privacy.