Anhang A. Moving from Windows to Linux


A.1. Starting Applications from the Main Menu
A.2. Managing Files
A.3. Using the Command Line
A.4. Customizing Your Desktop
A.5. Switching between Applications
A.6. Accessing Network Resources

If you are coming from Microsoft Windows*, take a look at how familiar elements of Windows translate to openSUSE®. After logging in, you will notice that the desktop has a well-known layout and recognizable icons, many of them similar to the Windows and Macintosh desktops.

Abbildung A.1. KDE Desktop

KDE Desktop

A.1. Starting Applications from the Main Menu

Similar to the Start menu on Windows, you can access all the programs installed on your system from the main menu. To open the menu click the green SUSE icon in the left corner of the panel. The function-oriented menu structure makes it easy to find the right application for your purpose even if you do not know the application names yet. Find more information about the main menu in Abschnitt 1.3.1, „Accessing the Main Menu“.

Abbildung A.2. Main Menu in KDE

Main Menu in KDE

Alternatively, you can also start programs from the command line. Press Alt-F2 to open a dialog where you can enter a command to start the application. The name of the command is often (but not always) the application name written in lowercase.